Fundamentalists, you think only 3% is Gay? Ha! No, that's how many will come out! You think it's easy?

It's more than 3% folks. 3% of all the Criminals are not making jail famous for gang rape. It's just in prison IT'S OK to have sex with another guy. And I can't tell you how many times I have been intimate with someone who acts straight with his family. You just don't realize WHAT AN INCREDIBLE PAIN IT IS TO BE OUT OF THE CLOSET. Everyone dumps on you. And I live in Los Angeles. I can't imagine what it must be like in places like Bugtussle, West Virginia, or Bone Gap, Arkansas. I think the gay population is closer to 10% and the bisexual population probably closer to 30%. I don't think you realize how much people DISLIKE being told they are worthless and evil and perverted. You think people WANT to be stigmatized?


Oh Baloney. Exodus 35: 2 says to kill people who work on the Sabbath. You don't. So obviously, you pick and choose.

Update 2:


I don't talk about nuclear physics because I know nothing about it. You should not talk about gay sex for the same reason.

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    Hmm, this is what I found. From some fellow called Gary Gates:

    A recent government survey found that 4 percent of adults aged 18-45 identified as 'homosexual' or 'bisexual.' A similar proportion of voters identify as GLB. If you define gay as having same-sex attractions or behaviors, you do get higher proportions that are a bit closer to the one in ten figure

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    Geeze, it just makes me so sick that someone has to go through life feeling as you do because people feel they have the right to condemn. I don't buy the "BI" scene though. You either are or you're not. But, I also think you're wrong about the percentages. I honestly believe the gay population is 25%. And even that, I feel is low. The funny thing to me many die hard anti-gay folks have it right in their own families. Of course they wouldn't believe it. They're still in the closet. I only disliked gay men because there are so many hot ones, and I knew I'd never had a chance with them.

  • Alexis
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    There needs to be a massive poll.

    If would could get ten million or so random people to rate their sexual orientation, we'd have a much better idea about the percentages. I'm a 98/5, for anyone who's interested.

    Addendum: enginerd - "Although I understand your point about how it is difficult for you and many others, I don't understand what the percentages have to do with anything.

    Something is not right or wrong depending on how many people do it."

    Of course, you're right. I'm interested in the percentages just out of pure curiosity. Having an accurate picture of where exactly people lie on the sexual orientation spectrum only teaches us more about ourselves as a species.

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    i'm no longer able to be on the dropping component you will stay there. in the top while the return of the Son of God comes and you haven't any longer repented of your abominations then you certainly will see which you the place incorrect. The act of homosexuality is an abomination earlier God no longer the guy. If the guy repents and transformations his / her techniques then they are able to be forgiven from their sins as can everybody who sins. while the time comes that the homosexuals cultures exceed that of the non-homosexuals you will in basic terms have a short lived win, you nonetheless will unfastened. And for people who declare to be Christians and attempt to declare that they the place under no circumstances by contrast abomination properly all i will say is they are able to have became their backs unto God. i visit proceed (no count what guy would pass into regulation) to show the reality of God it extremely is that employing a guy by employing a guy as though the guy replaced right into a girl is an abomination unto God and for this reason a SIN. And everybody who has un-repented sins will under no circumstances pass to Heaven. private emails universal Peace and ask your self David

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    Although I understand your point about how it is difficult for you and many others, I don't understand what the percentages have to do with anything.

    Something is not right or wrong depending on how many people do it.

    I don't think any true "fundamentalist" or other Christian has ever told people they are worthless or evil for being gay.

    I think the message is that having homosexual relations is a bad thing. So is having pre-marital and extra-marital sexual relations. These actions harm people.

    "Being gay", is not wrong.

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    newell, you must be feeling remorse for being out of the closet. If you dislike what people are saying to you about being gay, then stop flaunting it. Be honest with yourself, do you really think it is natural to have sexual relations with another man? Sperm is to create life with a woman's eggs. The two make a child, another human being. The only thing made between two men is a pile of sperm and feces. God can deliver you of the lifestyle you are in and have come to believe is acceptable. It is only acceptable to those who are doing it themselves or do not understand it. You can be forgiven, just ask Him. He is faithful and just to forgive you.

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    Is that also including the people in Middle east, Africa, and Asia that will die if they confess to being Gay, or just western culture?

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    Great point I hope the fundies listen. People choose to be gay like they choose to be black or choose to be left handed. It wasn't that long ago that Catholic schools forced left handed children to write right handed, this happened to my grandmother. But this has change so should peoples attitudes toward homosexuals

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    1 decade ago

    You can't adjust God to suit your lifestyle. If you care about pleasing God; you must adjust your lifestyle to suit Him. Anything else is silly.

    When we (ANY of us) disagree with God, we're wrong. Period.

    By definition, the truest Christian is a Christian fundamentalist.

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    I am sure every christian knows a closet gay, just doesn't know they are gay.

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