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What pet insurance do I buy?

Hello everybody, I have a little frenchie boy that comes from good lineage without the health concerns common to the breed. I am looking at buying pet insurance and don't know what company to go with. There are so many options, I just don't know which to choose. I've narrowed it down and I think I want to go with vetinsurance or petsecure... Once I've decided the company how do I decide the amount of coverage? One of them offers extended hip dysplatia coverage for an extra $10. Somebody help me! Am I putting too much thought into it?


... Although he is from good stock he is still a problematic breed that needs to frequently go to the vet for general check ups and such.

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    Each company has their own reasons to insure what they do. I'm not much of a fan of pet insurance because the company seems to always have an excuse not the reimburse the owner. So buyer beware. I don't know if Frenchie's are prone to hip dysplasia. I would hope that you would have a breeder contract regarding that and other heritable problems.

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    ok so i know this may not be the best answer but its pretty cheap i think

    go to banfield. it costs 99 to sign up then 21.95 a month or more depending on what you want. you can get like 30 bucks off the initial fee if you have a petperks card for petsmart. get the coupon online. i think its worth it bc it pays for all your shots and heartworm test once a yr and blood work and fecal and yearly health exam. there are also other plans that allow you to pay a little bit more and get like their teeth cleaned once a yr. getting their teeth cleaned means putting them to sleep and scrubbing. better than what the groomer does. the only thing is that if you sign up with banfield i say you ask a lot of questions. and never leave your pet there for the day to get everything done. if you have to wait till you can be there with your pet. also certain banfield locations do price match. you will have to ask which ones do. i get my dogs heartgard under 25lbs for 16.99 for six months and his k9 advantix 10lbs and under for 4 months for 29.99 which is much cheaper than other places. they also have special toothpaste for dogs and medicated earcleaner which is stronger than ones you can buy in the store for cheap. this might be the better deal just because of all the discounts you can get!

    another option is they go through petco and once a month they go to certain petco's and give the basic shots 7 in 1 for 49 bucks. or you can get the super dog pack that comes with all shots and a heartworm test for 69 bucks. there are other things you can purchase separately depending on what you need. you can also purchase heartgard for your dog through them. this might be the cheapest way if you think your dog wont have any major health problems.

    hope this helps!

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    As Canadians, we love our insurance. If you can afford the premiums I say go for it. In the long run you will undoubtably make claims against the policy - just don't go broke paying for it. My wife and I went with Petsecure and they have been great (yes, we have made claims and were paid quickly and painlessly).

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    Most of the time pet insurance is a ripoff. What about It works like a credit card. Most of the time it's cheaper going that route, versus paying for years and using very little of the insurance.

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