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Paranormal Activity scariest movie?

Ive went to go see Paranormal Activity. Other veiwers have seen it and say that its the scariest movie they have ever seen. I went to go see it one night and the scariest part was at the very end bc you didnt expect it would happen. Then I went home and watched Michael Myers and freakin screamed. I just want to know why people say that its the scariest movie they have ever seen. And why the big movie companys say its the scariest movie ever made?

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    because its very believable, not just special effects and stupid plots

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    i saw it and i was all excited and.. nothin the whole movie was pretty much this

    (door slams) "what the f*ck was that!" (droor rattles) "what the f*ck?"

    lol! I know why tho. The movie companies wanted to build up a whole bunch of hype about it because there hasnt been a really scary movie in a while. So they would say that it was the scariest movie and so people would go see it. So when the people were watching it they would be scared the whole time and thinking something scary was going to happend. the scarriest thing about this movie was u didnt know when anything was going to happen (because nothing hardly did!)

    So this movie had my heart pounding out of my chest the whole time because i thought something was going to happen but the scariest part about this movie was the end and when katie would get up and stair and micah (FREAKY) lol.

    Source(s): watching the movie and looking it up like u lol
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    Well i thought it was kinda boring until the end that scared me haha. But people say its the scariest movie ever because it gets so far in there heads watching how these people are living with a demon that they think its real. :) I thought it acually happend until i went to there websight and it said fiction haha. But i dont think its the scariest movie ever. Hope this helped you!:)

    Source(s): saw the movie:) and checked the website
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    Cuz it is. It's creepy to have a demon terrorizing your ***. The movie seemed real almost documentary like. Michael Myers is clearly fake and we know it but Para Act looked real and it hits a nerve when the movie looks almost normal until you see someone being pulled out of their bed and down the frickin hall by nothing. Hello!

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    They're just trying to hype it up as part of their advertising campaign. They claim the movie is "real" but it's not, and people who believe it is are kind of naive. The movie has two endings: a Theatrical ending, and the DVD ending, and both are meant to make it seem "real' and "spooky". The movie isn't necessarily a scream fest, but it does have creepy undertones.

    Imagine if it was real and you found that footage yourself you would be creeped out wouldn't you?

  • Anonymous
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    for the past few years most of horror movies released were almost lame

    and funny instead of scarry, so all compared to paranormal activity yes you will notice a difference since they made a new story different from what we have been seeing for years

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    im a fan of the paranormal movies and yes it has got some pretty tense creepy scenes in it just watch it from the beginning

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    because they want to make money , they say its the scariest movie ever to get everyone to go see it. I think the movie sucked

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    It was not a scary movie at all it was just cheap movie making that you could see exactly how they did everything. Halloween (I think thats what you mean) is a actual horror movie and people just don't know what scary is

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    lol i find most horror movies to be funny ive havnt seen paranorm. yet but i will soon..

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    I have no idea.. I didn't really think it was scary either.

    It was still a great movie, but not as scary as everyone makes it seem.

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