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computer mouse cursor wont move?

ihave recently moved my desktop computer from downstairs to upstairs but when i turned it on the mouse cursor will not move. a message pops up saying click here to install (i laughed the first few times too) but i cant click it obviously. i have tried 3 different mouses and had the same problem with all of them. if anyone can help it would be much apreciated. thank you

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    you have poor contact in mouse connection.clean and refit.

    you need to re install the drivers.

    Go to control panel and look for mouse icon and take from there.

    How to go to control panel without a mouse? well Wikipedia will tell you how to do all activities without a mouse. read it there.

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    Try using jedi mind powers instead to move your cursor. Seriously thats what I do. I'm doing this right now to navigate this site.

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