I have a question about construction working? on a sunday? in the city of gardena(L.A)? at 7 a.m? is it legal?

i live in Gardena, Los Angeles, C.A.

so our neighbors sold the house, and our new neighbors are remodeling it before they move in. they start everyday at 7a.m and finish up at 7p.m. on normal days i don't mind but its on the weekends too! even on Sundays, and well it doesn't let people sleep! is it legal? is there anything i can do about it?

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    There are a couple of ways to approach this: 1) Call the police and let them deal with the issue. They will be able to determine if anyone is breaking the law and fine the offenders. 2) Realize that this is only temporary and let it be.

    Although I do understand your frustration, I'd personally opt for number 2. You don't want to cause any friction with your new neighbors right off the bat.

    If you feel that you must say something you can, after they are moved in, invite them over for dinner and kindly bring up the issue. Simply explain that while you do understand that their contractor was simply trying to make the best use of available daylight, you felt that the noise at 7 AM was inconsiderate and that if they wouldn't mind, in the future, please wait until 8:00 AM on the weekends.

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    Some area's do have laws limiting how early or late you can make construction noise. this is usually the bylaws of an association like for condominiums etc, rather than a state or city law. Perhaps, if you go over and talk with the neighbor nicely about it before you call the police, you will maintain good relations with your new neighbor

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