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. asked in Arts & HumanitiesPoetry · 1 decade ago

5 Fay's Talk Show Starring Fay Koprah c/c/?

Fay - On today's show we have everyone's friend! She's Your Friend, Shirley! (standing ovation.........prolonged applause, hoots, cheers......Fay tries to regain control w/o much success.......more hoots, more applause........................finally, the deafening noise begins to abate......shuffles as most take their seats.....clap, clap, clap, clap, clap - a lone figure still clapping is carried out by security guards........ he screams, "This is ut!" the door closes.)

Fay - Why, Shirley, I do believe you actually ARE everyone's friend! (applause begins anew, but is stifled by Fay's newest security guard, a big man - nay - a big, BIG man whose tennies are stained green, who is standing so straight one might think he had something other than a mere spine to maintain his posture...he stares woodenly at the audience, and succeeds in quelling their noisy enthusiasm.)

Shirley - Thank you so much my friends! And it's true! I am everyone's friend! (polite, somewhat fearful applause)

Fay - Well, Shirley, I just want to thank you - on behalf of the Yahoo producers of this show, we are awarding you The Friend of the Decade Award! (Standing ovation! audience is now ignoring the tall man who seems to be eyeing a cushioned chair with longing - almost as though he wants to sit down but is strangely unable. He is totally ignoring them anyway, so they go crazy, rush the stage and carry Shirley out on their shoulders. Fay is nearly trampled to death in the melee.... Will she survive? Stay tuned.)


The parade outside is growing as more friends join in honoring You Friend, Shirley. She is laughing gaily and waving as she sits atop the shoulders of Koye Lott and and some dude who appears to be startled. The mayor of Yahoo has learned about the impromtu parade and has ordered it be accompanied by police cruisers to the courthouse. Plans for a surprise celebration to present her with The Key to The City have been dashed and moved forward to be the climax of the event. Our Friend, Shirley has proved to be a true friend and is loved by one and all. It is time - time for her to shine.

(Meanwhile, in a brief press conference, it has been learned that Fay Koprah is in critical condition with much organ damage. Doctors did, however, manage to save her sense of humor. It seemed, they said, to have a life of its own...pulsing and growing like an alien thing. Be afraid. Be very afrai...) Bwaha ha hah ha ha hee hee hee ha

Update 2:

Bulletin: Fay Koprah, who was critically injured earlier today when her audience mobbed her guest, the beloved ShirleyF,

asked for extra sour cream for her baked potato. She is also demanding to be released early to attend the festivities at the courthouse in honor of Shirley, saying, "But they'll be eats!" Doctors cautioned her to go easy before loosing her onto an unsuspecting world...

Be afra...

Update 3:

Once at the courthouse, ShirleyF delights the crowd with her uncanny Elvis impression. Priscilla Presley, who was only one the the many celebrities in the crowd, fainted dead away. Upon reviving her, Ms Presley was heard to say - HE'S ALIVE! I was just sure he was dead, but that voice - I'd know it anywhere! He's ALIVE, I tell you!

Update 4:

Unnoticed by the crowd - their attention focused upon ShirleyF performing an impromtu aria from La Boheme - a taxi stops. Out of it limps a bandaged, bedraggled woman. Fishing a notebook and pen out of her Coach knock-off bag, she begins eavesdropping on the crowd and taking copious notes. "Be afraid," she thinks to herself, just as Shirley finishes perfectly the last, long note of the aria. Thunderous applause and cheers follow...and then a voice is heard above the crowd, "NOT PAaaaannn...!" A man in a green knit cap shoves a large Italian sausage into the man's mouth, silencing him. "Geesh, wonder what he was going to say?" Fay thought, then she shrugged and headed for the Eats Stand.

But, really, be afraid; I am dot dot dot

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hahahahahahahahahaah.....hahahhahahhahhaha....hahahhahaahahaha.hahahaahhaahahahahahahaha...........ahhahhahhaha.........hahhahahhahahahhah..........Mek, can I borrow some dots?...hahahahha.....hahaha

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! I am laughing so hard.........hahahahahaha hahah.........harharhar.....Let me introduce you to my husband, BIG are TOO MUCH!!!

    (takes on Elvis voice) THANK YA, THANK YA VERY MUCH .....YOUR FRIEND...SHIRLEY.............hahahhahhahhahahhahhahhahh

    Edit: OH MY GOSH!!! Stop,stop,stop...I'm having a laughing fit!!! You are too, too, much...You're making my cheeks sore (the ones on my face!). BBG ...YOU are hysterical!!! Love ya, girlie.

    Lola....hahahahaah..hahhahah.....OMG!!! Funny!!! I have accidently typed "your fiend, shirley" before....catch myself before sending....hahahahhahhahahhahah..I need that key added to my computer...hahahhahha

    Source(s): LOVE YOU ALL....YOUR FRIEND....SHIRLEY.....
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  • 1 decade ago

    Shirley, Shirley - go find Shirley - staying tuned - given up tv. Entertainment better here- it should be up for a

    best entertainment award

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  • Lola
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    So cute !

    I have been to "Your Friend's Shirley's " home

    and have something to reveal.

    Yes, I do.

    I have seen her COMPUTER.

    And on her keyboard,

    there is an EXTRA key,

    that says,

    "Your Friend, Shirley"

    Yes, indeed.

    I am, of course, right on it/ I have contacted ALL the COMPUTER companies, and requested similar keys to be made up in all the Yahoo Poet's names

    Delivery requested in time for Christmas, of course. Just need the brand of your puter, laptop, or not, or both,

    they should be happy to comply.


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  • 1 decade ago

    This is great! I finally found all of them, most to late...

    staying tuned in...

    your sense of humor has a will of it's own...giggling

    ShirleyF is a friend of mine, I am proud to say!


    giggling (cause I giggle when I laugh)

    ask Ely, I have talked to her on the phone, giggling all the while...



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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sercurity guards and Clowns,I Never trust them. Now you tell me my Shirley gone *wipes tears*

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  • 4 years ago

    I protest~~ I sat not with suspect Bayard Lady. I was merely out of site, uh uh talking, yes that was it, talking with a poet... And one I might add who would not leap out a window at the first sight of suggested danger. Humpff...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    awaiting the conclusion, we do love Shirley!

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  • Shirley to goodness fay will be ok..

    .... i mean


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  • Daisy
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    You simply fail to dissapoint! hehehehe...SHIRLEY!!!! WOOOHOO

    great job again BG =))

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  • 1 decade ago

    SHIRLEY!!! SHIRLEY!!! SHIRLEY!!! Great show for a GREAT woman!!

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