I have a question about construction working? on a sunday? at 7 a.m? is it legal?

so our neighbors sold the house, and our new neighbors are remodeling it before they move in. they start everyday at 7a.m and finish up at 7p.m. on normal days i don't mind but its on the weekends too! even on Sundays, and well it doesn't let people sleep! is it legal? is there anything i can do about it?

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    I work construction,,,not only is it legal but often the schedule is so rushed that you have no other choice. Talk to the job superintendent and see if the noise can held to a minimum until a later hour, most of the time we can do that.

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    Unless there are local bye-laws prohibiting them from working on Sunday mornings, what they are doing is perfectly legal and would be difficult to put a stop to. You could ask them if they wouldn't mid starting later on a Sunday as you find the noise disturbing, however it's not usually considered a good idea to pick a fight with new neighbours before they have even moved into the house.

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    Call the city building department and ask them if there are any restrictions regarding Sunday work. Where I live there is a restriction on Sundays about power tools. This allows quiet work which most neighbors don't find objectionable. Also the police will know if there are any restrictions on Sunday work, you can call them today.

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    yes 7am is start time any day

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