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Smackdown vs TNA Pay-Per-View?

On December 20th the WWE will be doing it's tapings of Smackdown in Orlando Florida. TNA will be doing their Pay-Per-View Final Resolution, same day, same time (roughly). Do you think the WWE management team schedule this Smackdown taping on purpose during what tends to be one of TNA's better pay-per-views on purpose to send a message to TNA?

BQ: Do you think TNA should invade WWE the next night in Tampa much like WWE did do WCW?…

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    Who cares??

    Source(s): You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain
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    TNA would have to be foolish to invade WWE, there simply not there yet. WWE would retaliate and WWE is much bigger, and has much much more money than TNA. WWE would crush them

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