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what does the District of Columbia have to do with Washington, our nations capitol?

I'm trying to explain to my 12 yr. old grandson why Washington D.C. is not a state. Then he wanted to know If the country of Columbia owned our capitol. Why are kids so smart?

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    Explain to your grandson, that Colombia the country isn't even spelled the same as the Columbia in the District of Columbia. (Country has an o, the district has a u.)

    By age 12, they should have already been taught this in history class. But the founding fathers didn't want the nation's capital to be in a state, so the federal government would have control of the nation's capital.

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    Tell him that our Founding Fathers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, decided that the nation's capital should not be part of any state, to avoid competition between the states. It would stand by itself, a new city built on the marshes of the Potomac River, that would not be subject to any one state over another.

    Although it wasn't always the case, the city of Washington and the District of Columbia are now one and the same--there's no difference between them. The other parts of the federal district, including the towns of Georgetown and Alexandria, have either been completely incorporated into Washington (as with Georgetown, which is now just a neighborhood in the city) or spun off to other jurisdictions (as with Alexandria, which returned to Virginia in the 1840s).

    As for the nation of Colombia, it's just a case of difference groups paying homage to the memory of Christopher Columbia by using his name in different ways and in different places.

    It's like using the name of Washington for both the nation's capital, as well as for a state on the Pacific Coast of the United States.

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    No, its because Columbia University owns the District of Columbia. Wrong - Columbia University owns Manhattan.

    Seriously, Washington is one of the cities (others were Alexandria and Georgetown in the Territory of Columbia (Columbia being a poetic name for the United States - Wikipedia).

    I suggest you take the kid to see some of the Fun Things to do in DC - http://www.tripcart.com/usa-regions/Capital,Cool-T...

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    The name comes from Christopher Columbus who discoverd the Americas. It is spelled differently than the county of Colombia

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    You have had your question answered by other responders, but I'd just like to compliment you on that grandson of yours. TEE-rific!

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