how to make a certification letter that certified that i joined working with my classmates about the yearbook?

pls. help me

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    The letter asking for your participation in activities related to admission to a college or university should read as follows:

    Admissions Office

    University of Idaho

    Moscow, Idaho

    Dear Sirs;

    I am including in this packet, a letter from my classmates certifying that I wrote, did layout, and was involved in the cover design and binding of the 2009 Yearbook for Gloria Ford HIgh School in Moscow, Idaho.

    The certification letter then should read as follows:

    This letter is to demonstrate that our classmate, Geralyn Sawyer, was a key worker at Gloria Ford HIgh school in working toward a completed yearbook for the class of 2009. She helped with organzing paste-up of the pages, photographs of the graduates. she also interviewed teachers, and administrator about their reflections of the graduates. She worked cooperatively and efficiently. She was always on-time for our many work sessions, and was always positive when we finished late into the night. We could not have produced our own class yearbook with out her diligent and constructive efforts.

    I would add to this letter the signatures of the persons you worked with on the yearbook. Also, have the letter notarized for authenticity by a registered Notary Public.

    Source(s): I enjoyed thinking about my own highschool yearbook which I had no part in working on.
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  • 1 decade ago

    i dont know... i dont think u should need one.


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