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Kdramas with a guy and girl in a love/hate relationship?

um.. Anyone out there that knows kdramas that begins with a guy and a girl that hate each other and then fell in love in the end?


My Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang

Boys Over Flowers

My Girl

Goong [ Princess Hours ]

Brilliant Legacy [ Shining Inheritance ]


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    Most Kdramas follow this formula.. I've answered this question before but here goes:

    1% of Anything

    Full House

    My Lovely Samsoon

    You're Beautiful

    Smile, You (which I'm currently watching! Love!!!)

    Attic Cat

    18 vs 29

    My 19 Year Old Sister-in-Law

    Sweet 18

    Couple or Trouble

    Miss Kim's Million Dollar Quest

    Source(s): I've watched these...
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    My Fair Lady (Take Care of The Young Lady)

    Coffee Prince

    The Vineyard Man

    Full House

    City Hall

    Delightful Girl Choon Hyung

    Sweet 18

    Que Sera Sera

    She is Nineteen

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    You mention all the ones I know- lol. you ought to check out You're beautiful dough because it has the twist that the girl obeys the boy (s) from the begining- I think the drama is hella cool.

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    Laugh, you (new drama)

    Iris (Girl dislikes guy but then is madly in love with him)

    Kimchi Cheese Smile


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  • Anna
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    lmao def Boys Over Flowers and i can also say that You Are Beautiful is also one too!!! im addicted to it rite now!!!!! but its a really cute drama like BOF!!!!!


    K-dRaMaZ FoReVa........!!!


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  • 1 decade ago


    aka nang lang 18 seh

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