How do I get closer to my guy friend?

okay, so I just met this new guy at my school and he's really nice so we're basically buddies now.

Everytime I see him at school I always get butterflies in my stomach and my head spins round; I know I like him and he gives the best hugs ever!

I want to get closer to him but I don't know how.

Any suggestions?

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    1 decade ago
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    this is a perfect question for me to answer :)

    basically, i just had the same issue with a guy in my year at school. it started when we first started talking and then i wanted to get closer to him. so i started to sit next to him in subjects and if you dont want to make it ovious just look like your not bothered where you sit but inside secretly you really want to sit next to the guy. and then you just get talking, you laugh at his jokes wheather there funny or not, this makes him feel like hes getting attention and he wants to get closer to you. keep up with the hugs, you and him both love it. :) About the butterflys, this is just natural reaction becuase you dont know what to do, but try and put on a confiden face becuase boys like confident girls. try and be near him and see where he goes and everything, but dont be like stalking him coz he will get put off. I told this guy of mine that i liked him and thats how our relatonahip started,so if i was you i would just go for it, becuase hey, what have you got to loose? it just shortens the preocess and you find out quickly wheather or not he likes you... if he doesnt then its a waste of time and move on..

    hope this helps :) good luck


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    1 decade ago

    really easy. Next time, go to the library and hang out or study together. Or ask him out to the movie! Like 2012 is coming out soon and that movie is a must see. Tell him to go watch it with you and now you have yourself a date! Talk to him a lot while your in school. Have fun and be yourself. Good luck.

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    smile to him the next time u see what he like to do talk about it

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