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Frank Gehry 大膽、前衛、幾近叛逆的建築風格,令世人驚嘆,被公認為全世界最具創造力、最能引領風潮的建築設計師之一,而天才洋溢且不按牌理出牌的性格,更成為美國現代的傳奇人物之一。他所運用的奇特素材、流動形式和連鎖結構等,儼然成為建築界的傳奇。近年更橫跨家具設計 珠寶設計等領域讓建築師躍身成為精品設計佼佼者。

對厭倦了中規中矩的傳統的人,Gehry大師「不拘泥於原則」的創新風格與「不按牌理出牌」的大膽出招,無疑是平淡生活的解悶良方。對已經邁入77歲高齡的Frank Gehry而言,隨時都是為自己藝術生涯留下紀錄的時刻了



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  • 阿光
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    1 decade ago
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    Frank Gehry bold , fashionable , is close to rebellious architectural style, make common people exclaim , recognize as in the whole world most creativly , can lead the building designers of the agitation mosted, the talent is permeated with and not pay attention to the personality led according to the card , become one of the modern legendary figures in U.S.A. even more. The form and chain structure of peculiar material , flowing that he uses ,etc., become legends of the building circle solemnly. Stretch over furniture design jewel design field let architect jump body become fine works design the outstanding one even more in recent years.

    Square traditional person in rule in to tiredding,style not innovative of Gehry master ' last principle ' with ' pay attention to not leading according to card ' offer some ideas boldly, good recipe that the ones that undoubtedly live dully direct oneself from boredom. But the speech to already marching toward Frank Gehry at the venerable age of 77, it is the moment staying and noting down for oneself artistic career at any time

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  • 婷婷
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    1 decade ago

    Frank Gehry bold, avant-garde, virtually treasonous architectural style, I Marvel, acknowledged are recognized as the world's most creative and most takes one of the architects of the agitation of, and the genius that was filled with and not complying with the playing character, has become the modern American legend.He employed a peculiar material, mobile form and chain structure would seem to have become a legend in the construction industry.In recent years across the furniture design jewellery design and other fields let architects design jump in a body to become a high-quality goods.

    On tired of middle-of-the-road tradition, Gehry master "forget the innovative principles" and "not complying with the style of playing" bold for the final set, it is undoubtedly the ordinary life of boredom.On entering the 77-year-old-old Frank Gehry, always just art career record of the time

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