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can magic mushrooms make you trip forever?

like if i eat a small amount, between half a gram and two grams could something go wrong that would make me never come out of my trip?


actually they did scientific studies and found that magic mushrooms help cure depression and anxiety and there not very bad for your body.

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    Ignore the first 4 answers, Psilocybin Mushrooms can induce a psychedelic state for 3-6 hours. Generally the risk is psychological; you could possibly have a flashback or a terrible experience on them. Basically, it's an odd experience, but can aid you in perception and on reality. However, not everyone is meant to take a psychedellic; it can show you the best and worst aspects of life. If you want to take, have a clear mind and a very positive mindset. But no, it's impossible to trip FOREVER.. However, if you choose to use a psychedelic frequently, it can mess you up mentally. Generally, it won't mess you up, but be wary of frequent use. It could end up driving you insane.

    Source(s): Have tried Mushrooms and LSD.
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    if you eat somewhere between a half a gram and a gram, the chances are not a lot will even happen. you need a few grams (unless they're REALLY good) to get a good high from mush. so only taking a gram won't make you trip forever. it's actually very, very unlikely that is even possible from mush. something simular can happen from acid, where you get random flashbacks and hallucinations at any giving moment (again, if it's good acid) but it doesn't happen all the time so don't count on it.

    where did you get the info about mush not causing much body damage? because i'm not sure about long term effects, but "magic mushrooms" make your brain bleed pretty much (hense why you shouldn't sleep while high, it will cause brain damage and memory loss) and the spores attach themselves to your stomache. thus, making you high.

    Source(s): i have knowledge about all sorts of things drug-related. personal experience and research. i'm cool like that lol
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    Any time you are dealing with psychedelics things are CRAZY! A lot of your trip can depend on your frame of mind going into it. If you had anything weighing on your mind you, can bet it will be magnified in a trip.Hallucinations are a huge part of 'shrooms and i'm assuming that's why you took them in the first place. It changes your normal way of thinking, therefore you see things in a new light.

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    First and foremost, you probably don't want to hear this, but don't try it. Okay, I'm glad that's out the way- I'm not the one to judge, but it's your life. Do what you want.

    Second, to answer your question: Yes. There is a persisting hallucination disorder that you can develop from your first try. If you have a bad -or good, but most likely bad- trip, (if you have the disorder) you will randomly experience the trip over and over throughout your life. It's reoccurring and there is not a cure.

    Hope this helped. Hope you get a good trip.

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    If you are worried about this than it shows that you have enough common sense to NOT do it. I don't know much about this stuff but wouldn't you hate to be a drooling idiot for the rest of your life? Do you know anyone who is schizophrenic or has some other mental health issue? That is what your bran can be like with a bad trip!

    Drink a beer and go to bed.

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    Some hallucinogens have permanent effects. Yes, you may think you are being eaten by rats for the rest of your life. It's possible that you will never return to normal functioning. Even if the high wears off, it could come back randomly, like during a job interview. I don't think the risk is worth taking.

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    y would u even do that to urself thats just not even the answer to enjoying or to relax. turning to any drug just doesnt solve issues. it actually makes it seem better at first but when ur trip is done u fell worse because it makes u drowsey and miserable on top of any other problem

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