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Does anybody know any good movies about the U.S-Mexico border?

Foreign to mainstream to indie is fine or documentary as well.

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    LINEWATCH (2008): Michael Dixon is a veteran boarder patrolman in New Mexico, and life seems to be good. Now, things in his past are about to catch up with him. He was a member of a violent Los Angeles gang, that he somehow got away from. When a bad twist of fate exposes his whereabouts to his old gang leader, his family is put in a dangerous situation. He must risk his future, and make sure that gang leader Drake is able to safely move illegal drugs across the border.

    THE BORDER (1982) -- Starring Jack Nicholson is a good one, too, and is similar to a new release on DVD called CROSSING OVER (2009) -- Starring Harrison Ford.

    EDIT: I thought of another movie that you might like. It's called THE THREE BURIALS OF MELQUIADES ESTRADA (2005) -- Starring Tommy Lee Jones and Barry Pepper. The action takes place on the border between West Texas and Northern Chihuahua in Mexico, which is a hot spot for illegal crossings. But Jones's movie ingeniously flips this dangerous yet all-too-common practice on its head, with a tale of a man hell-bent on crossing the border in the opposite direction. The journey to Mexico begins when Pete Perkins (Jones) uncovers the identity of a Border Patrolman, Mike Norton (Pepper), who has shot and killed his best friend, Melquiades Estrada. Kidnapping Norton and forcing him to dig up Estrada's body, Perkins straps the corpse to a horse. H then informs Norton that he will be traveling with them to Mexico to bury the dead friend's body, as Perkins promised.

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    The Border

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    Mexican Border Movies

  • The Border, No Country For Old Men, From Dusk Til Dawn, Blow, and Dead Mexicans, to name a few.

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    With Jennifer lopez and Martin Sheen Antonio Banderas.

    This movie is based on true events and its pretty shocking. Its probably the only good movie that Jennifer Lopez has ever acted in

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    There was some stuff about the border in Babel.

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    remember visit the set of Titanic (Many people don't know that movie was filmed mostly there).

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