Does axe paste help getting 360 waves?

i just started brushing my hair 2 weeks ago i can see waves starting to show. I bought axe paste to help treat my hair.Or should i just use sportin waves. I am an African American.

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    TRAINING THE HAIR: Get a texturizer or a perm in your hair first. Brush and comb it to the back. Wear a do rag. cut your hair low. keep repeating with the do rag and brushing your hair to the back. Waves will come in more deeper this way and would look like rolling waves. If you don't have "good hair" but typical nappy hair, than you will not get deep penetrating waves, that is why you have to get a perm/texturizer and cut your hair low, but not to low and brush and comb to the back. the comb might not make a difference but the brushing will. This is what white people did back in the day and blacks copied it. Later it changed and blacks started to go with the grain instead of against it, but if you go against the grain, you will have deeper waves. Back in the day black folks permed their hair, cut it low, combed it to the back with a hot comb, and brushed it to the back several times throughout the day wearing a scarf to get it padded down to stay down. Now that you trained your hair to curl and wave, you can now begin brushing with the grain. Finally, when you brush it with the grain, then your 360 waves will come in very deep. After that, you keep brushing to the front and it will keep coming in and getting more wavier. Oh and use grease to keep it down.

    Source(s): I looked up the history of how black men did their hair back in the day and the steps they went through to train their hair to be "naturally" curly to where they could get deep looking froward waves
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  • 3 years ago

    Get S cural jell ,elesta qp glaze, wave builder deep waves,wave builder spin'n waves,elesta qp cream, and pink lotion put in your hair damp'n your palms with water positioned it interior the comparable way you sweep and it takes 2 days and brush hair.

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  • 1 decade ago

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