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Who else loves "Without Honors"?

I love this movie. Its one of the few movies i'll trully say brings tears to my eyes by the ending. I think its one of the best movies ever made.

In case you havent seen this,

Montgomery Kessler (Brandon Frasier) is a Harvard student who is about to graduate and has a bright future. He has it all. All he has to do is finish his thesis. One night after his computer fouls up and erased most of his thesis, Kessler rushes to copy what he has all ready.

On his way home he drops the thesis down a steam room vent where he discovers Simon Wilder (Joe Pesci) a homeless man no one respects. In return for the thesis, Simon wants favors. Kessler takes him into his home and heart despite his roomates' complaints against it.

Over time all will learn much from Wilder, Love, life lessons, and the meaning of true friendship, and much more.


sorry thats With Honors lol

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    i believe the movie is called With Honors, but yes it is very good. we watched it in a government class when i was in high school

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