can you help me find last names for these characters?

here's their description:

Catherine – narrator; caramel hair, amber eyes , tanned skin; falls in love with mason (they're soul mates); is tested by veronica to see if she is good at life (tortured); is dating chris but wants mason; lives on the beach but is afraid of the ocean after the fact that she fell in... she is kind to people who are kind to her. she is very brave and fights for her rights. she knows and loves what she wants. she does not like people who torture her or who are rude to her. she is 17

Mason - blonde hair that is long (not too long) and sexy - like that surfer hair cut, ocean blue eyes and tan beautiful skin. has abs and works out alot but is mostly muscle and fat. He's very sweet and loves very deeply. He is kind to anyone who is kind to him and his friends. He is a true friend. he is 17

Veronica – red hair, grey eyes, pale skin; has the power to create illusion; is evil because she had a bad childhood; loves her son - over protective and wants him to find a lover so she can torture her with him... she is 50.

Chris – brown hair, brown eyes, paleish skin; is in love with Catherine; gets in a car accident in the beginning of the story because of one of the tests Catherine takes but is fine (described in story); wants to marry Catherine , but finds out later she doesn't love him and is devistated he is 17

Lisa - dirty blond hair, brown eyes, tan skin; is Catherine's best friend (unbiological twin sister). they have like everything in common and can share every detail. they have never gotten in a fight and are just great friends. lisa is dating Ryan

Mallory - blond hair, blue eyes tanned skin; is extremely beautiful; is a flirt; is best friends with lisa and catherine but is mad at catherine when catherine and mason fall in love for she was in love with mason...; is rich and has a huge house with a pool and everything; is a b"tch and can be snobby but can also be a good friend at certain times

Ryan - dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, in the middle between pale and tanned skin; is dating lisa - they are madly in love and are happy with eachother. He is a great friend and is there for people whenever needed. he tries to stay out of people's personal business but sometimes he gets sucked in.

jamie - has thick long brown hair - down to her butt (wears in a braid) and light brown eyes. she has tan, clear skin. she is very tall (5'7") and long. She loves catherine, lisa and mallory as sisters and is there for catherine when she needs her the most

Amanada (Mandy) Catherine's mom - is sweet and loving. she takes good care of her daughter and wants what's best for her. she doesn't know much about her dating life but when she does find out, she just wants catherine to be happy she loves joseph very much....

Joseph (Josh) - Catherine's dad. he works alot. he comes home to be with catherine but has been out alot since her accident - doesn't like to hear drama. he loves catherine very much and just wants what's best for her (as his wife does). he loves amanda very much and loves everyone who coems to his family.

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    ryan hatcher

    lisa watson

    josh bey

    catherine bey

    amanda bey

    jamie reaves

    malloy tenove

    mason dean

    chris thomas

    veronica shepard

    catherine wolfe

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    Catherine Amanda and Joseph Austen (Latin)

    Mason Beaumont (French)

    Veronica and Lisa Boyd (Gaelic)

    Chris Vogel (Dutch)

    Mallory Ogden (French)

    Ryan Ainsworth (British)

    Jamie Stapleton (Welsh)

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