Why Was Unemployment 10.8% Under Reagan?

Reagan gave us the highest months of unemployment since the Depression in November and December of 1982 with an unemployment rate of 10.8%. This was nearly two years into his term.

The year with the highest average unemployment rate was 1982 with an average unemployment rate of 9.71%

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    hmmm how about a more relevant question like why is unemployment 10.2% and climbing under 0bama when he promised that it would not go over 8% if the stimulus passed? hmmmmm.......typical liberal with a child like mentality of shifting blame.

    Oh, and Reagan is dead.......just in case you didn't know.

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    When Reagan became president there was also out of control inflation and extremely high interest rates. Obama doesn't have these issues to deal with. If the stimulus would have been better targeted toward creating jobs and the banks would have begun lending to small businesses before now, we would probably be seeing some improvement in the unemployment rate.

    Unfortunately, since the government also printed two trillion dollars and pumped it into the economy, when people do start going back to work, inflation will begin. We'll be very lucky if it isn't hyper inflation. The very definition of hyper inflation is an exact description of what this administration has done.

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    For the dumbos: The "rich" pay the taxes that fund the current monstrosity that is the federal government.

    Re the ?: Because the lag effect of income tax cuts, and the recovery of the world economy, generally takes 2 to 3 years to get rolling. The same can be said for the damage that Obama and the Dems are doing to this country. Things will get worse and we will be seeing a prolonged state of decline in this country because Dems love to Tax and Spend, and have never heard of cutting spending, even in the face of fiscal collapse. Costs for just health care and the Ponzi Scheme known as Social Security will blow deficits and the national debt out of the water (as will unfunded pension fund liabilities).

    Damage due to the Demswill be with us for years to come and we will not bottom out for some time. Super-Tankers don't turn on a dime, and neither do economies. Expect a relatively dreary future young people. Good luck to generations X, Y, Z, and whoever else is left.

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    Your trying to blame Bush in a less than sneaky way. Jimmy Carter screwed up the economy, raised taxes, and caused inflation to skyrocket. Even though the deficit went up under Bush, Obama has tripled it in one year, is raising taxes, which will cause inflation to go back up. It will take the next president to fix his mess, just like Regan did

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    It was a lesson--to not sell out your values for short term economic crisis. The capitalist system as it was in re to education, jobs etc., caused the economy to boom later.

  • The failure of Reganomics lies within the massive spending of the federal government on defense programs and the cutting of taxes on the very rich and paying for the massive spending through inflationary means much like LBJ did during the veitnam war which he never raised taxes but it led to Nixon revoking the Brentwood agreement. Whch was implemented during the FDR administration.

    Obamanomics will be a failure as well.

    Read into the depression of 1920 and how President Harding handled the economic collapse

    Watch the following


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    Because Democrats had controlled both houses of Congress for 25 years prior. The truth is Congress means more to domestic policies than the Presidency.

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    You aren't fooling anyone. Carter was solely responsible for the high unemployment with his goof ball policies. Reagan turned around the country and our economy. Unemployment dropped to 5% during Reagan's Presidency. He saved our country until Obama came along and again screwed everything up.

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    Reagan put us Factory Workers back to work.

    Carter about destroyed the Nation.

    Reagan saved us.

    (You've never held a job, have you?)

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    yes I only work 12 days a month.I was working in a roller bearing factory and the only help reagan gave us was govt. cheese

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