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Do cats sleep all night?

You know how dogs sleep in your bed all night? Well, it seems nice. Do cats do the same? will they sleep at the end of the day until morning with you? Or do they wander around the house all day? I didnt do this yet, but is it cruel to keep a cat in a cage all night? will they sleep in there? I dont want my cat to wander around the dark house at night...or is that fine for them?

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    Domestic cats are NOT nocturnal. Some wild cats are nocturnal but not domestic cats.

    Domestic cats are active day and night.

    As to sleeping at night, some of our cats sleep with us almost all night and others come and go.

    It IS cruel to cage a cat at night - or at any time unless it is necessary to reduce their activity because of a medical problem or an injury.

    Why in the world do you not want your cat to "wonder around the dark house at night"?

    Cats have much better low light vision than humans. It has been determined that they can see clearly at light levels that are 1/6 of what is needed for us to see with the same clarity.

    We have a night light in the bathroom and the kitchen but they are mainly for us humans - the cats don't need really need them. The nightlights create more light than is needed by the cats and they can see quite well all over the house at night. Some windows get some light from outside light sources and others rooms are partially lit by light from the nightlights bouncing off of walls.

    There is absolutely no problem with letting a cat do whatever they wish to do at night.

    We keep our bedroom door open, as well as the doors to the other rooms, and our cats are free to come and go as they wish, 24 hours a day.

    Don't cage your cat at night - there is absolutely no need to do so simply because the house is "dark" at night.

    It's not like they are going to run into things or fall down stairs, or such.

    And let me repeat, for everyone, domestic cats are not nocturnal.

    They are active day or night and they will sleep at any time during the day.

    Some cats adjust their schedules to their human's schedule and may sleep more during the day so that they are active when the human is around but cats are not nocturnal and I would expect anyone who lives with a cat to know that simply by observing their cat day to day.

    It becomes very apparent that domestic cats are not nocturnal if you have more than one cat to observe.

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    Do Cats Sleep At Night

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    My cats sleep all night, but they are kept active during the day by either the dog or by spending the day outside. Even if they did wander at night it would not be an issue because the dog keeps them from our sleeping areas.

    They still will ask to get out at night but we keep them in and they curl up with the dog and go to sleep.

    having a cat wandering the house at night is a great idea. The catch and eat all the bugs in the house. My cat camped out for 2 weeks in our recently purchased century house. By the time we moved in there were no mice and no bugs and the cat had even eaten all the spider webs that she could reach.

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    Cats don't sleep all night. They do sleep about 16-18 hrs out of every 24, though. I wouldn't keep a cat in a cage all night. They won't get hurt walking around in a dark house. Mine play "indie cat 500" across my bed and back every night. No problem.

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    My cats do for the most part. They may get up to go to the litterbox or get a drink or eat but they generally come back and cuddle up next to me. They may not as young kittens but I have a three year old cat that sleeps on my feet every night and sleeps and then another one that sleeps beside me. I do know some that get up and play but that is mainly the kitten stage. Both of mine are females. Not sure if that has any part in it or not. One is a tabby and the other is a calico.

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    Cats will cuddle with you, but breed personalities vary so although one breed of cat may be affectionate, another will be more solitary. Many cats do curl up with their owners, but they will not stay at the food of your bed all night. cats are nocturnal so their peak activity is late at night until about 5 in the morning. They tend to run around late at night and are the most active then, just as big cats in the wild are most active at night. They are creatures equipped for the night, even their eyes are different from ours as they have "built-in" night vision. Keeping your cat in a cage at night would be like keeping YOU in a cage during the middle of the afternoon when you are most likely to be awake and active. They are not hamsters, they are meant to roam wide spaces and be very active. You might as well buy a Great Dane and expect to keep it in your bathroom, it IS cruel. Don't get a cat if you know so little about them.

    ***and to the whole nocturnal cat debate, they are not strictly nocturnal, but the fact that they are active at all times of the day especially late at night attests for something; it is still in their biology to not "need" to sleep at night, unlike the original poster thought.

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    My cat sleeps all night with me and also a goo part of the day too. Cats sleep about 75% of the day and I think a well fed one sleeps even more

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    No, cats do not sleep all night.... My cat will take long naps in the day and at night she will go any where she wants after i fall asleep. My cat is solid white and has blue eyes..... She is deaf.... that might be why she tends to wander around .........

    Source(s): My cat~ Hope i helped~
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    Our cats spend until about 3:00 a.m. in the bed and then it's playtime. They usually come back to bed around 5:00 a.m. or so. We do have one that we frequently have to put in his carrier, for his own safety and the other cats, he likes to pick fights out of nowhere...we suspect that he enjoys the carrier so much (comfort?) that he purposely picks said fights.

    It's absolutely fine for a cat to wander around a dark house at night.

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