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E.L.F Eyes Lips and Face Customers?

What do you think of it? My mom won't let me buy it until I tell her if it's safe. She thinks that since it's so cheap, it's going to like make my face explode or something...i don't know... I'm not really looking for if you think it's good quality, because I've done research about that, and people say it's better than the money.


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    It's great! The nail polish is like AMAZING! And the blush is nice, though be wary of 'flushed' because if you are fair like me it is SUPER pink, but I like 'Bronzed' blush,and it is perfect. Also the eyeshadows are really nice, but the matte ones are quite light. The creams are very pigmented though, and maybe some of the other colors are nice to. Glosses are fun as well. That's really all I've tried.

    But I love it all! I haven't broken out over it or anything, and I have dry-ish skin if that helps. :)

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    Its Great! I'vemade two purchases in the last month and I am absolutley in love with them! Deffinetly try them out.

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