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LąÐÿ L asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

Did anyone else watch The Box Movie?

I keep trying to make this a "good movie" in my mind, but it wasn't And it has nothing to do with how it ended. It's more about the little things that distracted the viewer. Did anyone else find alot of unanswered questions in the storyline?

Here are my unanswered questions:What is suppose to happen if he never kills his wife and leaves his kid to suffer? What was up with the 3 pillars of water in the library? And why did he did get followed by those possessed people ther? To lead him to choose? Why didn't they have some rational to choose the pillars of water? What was up with the field guide for testing ? What's with the friggin peace sign? It means 2 for the pillar? It's on the tape the wife god? So what, what was it about?

What was up with the babysitter? Is she controlled by the aliens but attempted to help out the dad when he brought her home? And that clue...look into the mirror? Meaning only he can fix it all? Yeah, that it? I mean I followed it but it seemed like those were little distractions from the fact that they tried to make it good, but fell short.


I think I got it. If we look at it from a Christian spiritual point of view. The Bible would be against killing - to living with your mistake. The alien (Arlington Steward) seems to want to see humans who have morals or whatever. So, killing again (his spouse) is not the altruistic thing to do as he mentioned. If he doesn't kill again, then another person doesn't die. Killing his wife and going to jail is selfish when you look it this way. Now his son grows up with his sight and vision and no parents...knowing daddy killed mommy. Or they can not kill again and be supportive to their son and live with their mistake...which maybe their natural punishment. In my book, they messed up again by killing the spouse...they just couldn't deal with he grief of their son and made a haste decision without thinking it through.

Update 2:

goodmovie: Thank you for the answer, it helped alot and I agree with most of it. I still deep down believe they messed up again by pulling the trigger on his wife. Perhaps it is just my take on it from a Biblical stance. Your answer really confirmed a lot of what I thought maybe true, it helps to see another saw it in the same light. I did get the part about free-will which was my only clue to understand why those "minions" as you put it (lol) were even trying to give them clues, or as you helped me see...maybe trying to lead the couple to their fatal ending. Weird movie.

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    The movie really is a twist on the old existentialist dilemma about the existence of free will. He was playing around with the idea of whether or not we actually have a choice in our actions.

    The movie begins with the choice of "The Box". Press the button, and you get a million dollars tax free, but someone dies. Of course, the couple presses the button because otherwise there would be no movie.

    We find out, as the movie progresses, who died when the button was pressed. It was the woman in the previous couple who pressed the button, and she was killed by her husband to save their child.

    In the climactic sequence, this is replayed. The couple is confronted with a choice to sacrifice themselves or maim their child for life. Another couple is making the decision whether or not to press the button on the box. As one couple decides to press the button, the other chooses to sacrifice the woman to save the child.

    It's presented as a catch-22. Who is making the fateful life or death decision between the inextricably tied couples? The one pressing the button, or the one pulling the trigger to save their child? The truth is there is no answer, and it's meant to have you thinking about the meaning of free will and choice.

    The entire movie is filled with little hints at this theme. When the husband selects a present at the wedding reception, he picks the box with a picture of Steward (the burned face guy). Though it seemed he made a choice, was it destiny in the end...? You're meant to think about that.

    The "water elevator" choice is just another in these escalating paradoxes. Did he have a choice, or was it destiny what he would choose the second elevator? You're meant to ask this question b/c of all of the minions flashing the peace sign (or the number 2) at him earlier. Were they warning him about which elevator he should choose, or foretelling what elevator he would choose, which of course was the 2nd elevator (one answer means he has a choice, the other means he doesn't).

    The people with the nosebleeds, I called them minions above, are just part of that puzzle. Seemingly they sometimes act by free will to warn the couple of ways to avoid their fate, however, all their suggestions only lead the couple closer to the ultimate climactic decision. Remember they were all controlled by the burned man at seemingly the same time.

    Even Steward himself didn't have a choice, he was being controlled by a higher power, and at one point indicated that he was only the messenger (he had no choice either).

    I might be wrong about this, but I think it's all a religious allegory about free will in a world with an all-knowing god. If god knows what choice you're going to make, did you have a choice in the first place? It's ultimately a modern telling of the garden of eden. The couple is Adam and Eve, the burned man is the snake, the button (and money) is the tree of knowledge, and their child represents their innocence (and whether they lose it in the end).

    ADD: Part of the hint that it's the Garden of Eden is that the ONLY one that presses the button is the women in the couples. Remember in Genesis that Eve is the one that is seduced and picks fruit from the tree of knowledge. There are three couples referenced in the film. Only the women press the button.

    In the end, it's about being judged for your decisions (fate of humanity based on this box test) when those judging you (God or Aliens) already knows how you will respond, and are therefore responsible for your decision. This is a bible paradox and it's being played out in the movie.

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    The Box Movie Explained

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    The Box Movie Explanation

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    Did anyone else watch The Box Movie?

    I keep trying to make this a "good movie" in my mind, but it wasn't And it has nothing to do with how it ended. It's more about the little things that distracted the viewer. Did anyone else find alot of unanswered questions in the storyline?

    Here are my unanswered...

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    just got out of it. i don't even know what to say. tht was probably the strangest movie i've seen. i didn't understand half of it. the box played a role like twice in whole the movie and it was at the very beginning and the very end. I guess the water pillars were a shoice between heaven and damnation and only one was heaven. the peace sign was just something to tell him to choose whichever pillar. but i didn't get the entire point of the pillars at all. the babysitter is one of the alien's 'employees' and the chlue means tht he is the only one who can save himself. and what i've realized w/ aline movies is that the aliens think they are god for some reason. becuase the wife of the alien(half face guy) thinks she was able to put him in damnation. overall the movie was very strange

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    I watched it yesterday and i was kinda confused 2, but if he picked to let his kid suffer, then they get the million dollars, and his kid is deaf and blind forever, the water scene was kinda weird, i didnt really understand that but i think only one was heaven, the peace signs were weird 2, but i think they were telling him 2 pick the water pillar number 2, the babysitter dana, was one of that guys employees, i think she felt srry for the dad and told him 2 leave, so that he wouldnt get in any danger, and yes it meant that he is the only one that can fix it, SRRY but i was kinda confused 2, hope i kinda helped! >3

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    I wish to ask the same question as the op.

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