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Which Fantasy B-Ball Team Is Better?

2008-2009 season

PG Jason Kidd,

SG Ray Allen,

SF Lebron James

PF Tim Duncan

C Rasheed Wallace

G Derrick Rose

F David Lee

UTIL Tayshawn Prince

UTIL Chris Duhon

UTIL Andrea Bargnani


PF Anderson Varejao,

SG Delonte West

SF Peja Stojakovic

10 Team League Rotisserie 3rd Pick overall

2009-2010 Season



SG Joe Johnson

SF Turkoglu

PF West

C Andris Biedris

G Vince Carter

F Artest

UTIL Lamar Odom

UTIL Jason Terry

UTIL Grant Hill


C Noah

PG Devin Harris(picked up from waivers)

PG Aaron Brooks

10 Team League H2H, 3rd overall pick

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer

    This years is better

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  • 1 decade ago

    Team two is better in my opinion. Lebron is a definite number machine, but jason kidd has been a let down this year.

    I will tell you on team two to sit artest on the bench, throw grant hill in at the F position, and put aaron brooks on the util.. You'll thank me for that info soon enough

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