How to announce a wedding engagement?

My fiance and I are getting married on June and would like to announce our engagement to our friends and family at an engagement party. Although the wedding will not take place in the country where we will hold the party. How do we invite people to the party excluding the wedding stuff like save the dates, wedding invitation, etc.? All we want is to host a party where all our friends and family can come and celebrate our engagement, but these people won't be invited at the wedding itself since we're only having a courtroom wedding. Thanks in advance!

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    Just invite them to an engagement party. At the party you can let people know you're having a courthouse wedding. There are cute invitations available on the internet or in store specifically for engagement parties. Another option is to have a celebration after the wedding. We couldn't invite everyone to our wedding so we had an "open house" at a local restaurant with appetizers and people got to see some pictures and wish us well.

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    You write: these people won't be invited at the wedding itself since we're only having a courtroom wedding.

    etiquette rule #1 . . . One never invites people to a pre-wedding party if those same people are not invited to the wedding.

    If you feel you must have a celebration, then host it after your courthouse wedding has taken place. Make it a post-wedding reception.

    But if people are invited to a pre-wedding party . . . engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party . . . then those same people must be invited to the wedding.

    You write: How to announce a wedding engagement?

    In my area, people put their engagement announcements in the newspaper. Do they do that in your local newspaper?

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    Throw a party, like a christmas one... And then make your announcement there. That way there was no engagment party & none of theese people NEED to be invited.

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    You shouldn't have a party soley for announcing your engagement. That would be unbelievably rude to invite people to your engagement party and then not to your wedding. So just have like a holiday party. And annouce it then...



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