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Federation Cup Final?

Italy lead US 2-0.

Flavia Pennetta bt. Alexa Glatch

Francesca Schivone bt. Melanie Oudin

Surely U.S.A should have played Vania King over Alexa Glatch?

King has had a good year, and is better suited to the clay, plus her ground strokes are strong and she could beat the likes of Schiavone when she's on top form.

What do you think?

Oudin and King are great on hardcourts, but USA seem to lack good players, or at least all rounders..

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    Glatch beat Pennetta 61 61 in first round of french open

    that would be the only reason glatch was chosen to play singles

    personally i wouldve put huber on the singles rubber....wouldve thrown the italians in a loop and liezel is not a bad tennis player so why not risk it?

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    Fed Cup final: Italy 4 - USA 1

    I think tomorrow both Pennetta and Schiavone will win, but the doubles will be for USA, because italy won't play their best players on doubles because they already won the cup.

    A huge disappointment :(

  • America is pretty much finished.

    Why is there no one calling out the Williams sisters for this embarassment. Shouldn't the two American women in the top 10 be representing their country? One would think so. As much as I dislike the sisters, it would have been nice for America to take this title, but because of their apathy and just plain not caring about their own country, we are going to lose to Italy.

    Too bad the Williams sisters care about one thing, themselves. Don't blame Oudin and Glatch for being mediocre players. They are what they are. At least they showed up and tried.

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    They need the Williamses'

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