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What is your favorite version if the Movie "A Christmas Carol"?

My favorite is the 1951 version with Allister Simms as Scrooge. This version was called "Scrooge". Nothing before or after can compare. But I did also like Mr. Magoo's cartoon of it.

Other versions

A Christmas Carol (1914) Charles Rock

A Christmas Carol (1938) Reginald Owen

The Christmas Carol (1949) Narrator Vincent Price

Scrooge (1951) Allaster Simms

A Christmas Carol (1984) George C.Scott

A Christmas Carol (1997) Tim Curry ( of Rocky Horror)

A Christmas Carol (2004) Kelsey Grammer

There were also a least 2 silent movies made but I have not found out who started it those.

There were also 2 other ones with females playing Scrooge. I don't remember what those to were called or who the actresses were.

And the new one for release this year with Jim Carey


Above mistake. I meant stared in.

And the 1914 version was also a silent movie.

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    I agree, "Scrooge" is the best version! =D

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    'scrooged' with bill murray was great

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    MY favorite was the Flinstones one.

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