does anyone know any gay youth groups in the surrey area?



its not rly and answer u did not have to waste my time

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    You are asking this question to people all over the world. Many people hear don't even know if their is a gay youth group where ever they happen to live, let alone where you are! I would start looking through your local resources instead of this forum here.

    Find out where some lgbt centers are in the UK. Contact them and ask. Go to some gay establishments. Often enough their are free handouts on information around the community. Read them. See if there is a clinic that helps the glbt around you. I would also contact some of the bigger gay organizations in the UK. Let them know what you are looking for and network with them. See if any schools in your area have a gay straight alliance. Google PFLAG and see if their is a chapter near you.

    I have no idea where surrey is, but at the very least their must be a gay lesbian center of some type in london along with some of the other big cities in the UK like Manchester and Liverpool. I'd start with the community centers.

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    no I don't

    edit: what? i don't, it's an honest answer

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