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Should I try to Trade Hines Ward and Matt Forte for Ray Rice?

The guy I want to trade has plenty of quality running backs (Ray Rice, Pierre Thomas, LaDanian Tomlinson, Tim Hightower, Fred Jackson) but he's relatively weak at WR (Austin Collie, Roy Williams, Nate Washington, Sims-Walker, Hakeem Nicks).

I'm thinking he might jump at a chance to improve his WR lineup, and he just made a trade (NYG Steve Smith for Hightower) so he's got to value Hightower and I bet he's missing the loss at WR. I'm thinking the time might be right to pounce.

I'm working with Ward, Wayne, Welker, Maclin, Cotchery, Mike Wallace, and Garcon, at WR. Ward, Wayne, and Welker have been my big 3, but Maclin is doing fairly well and the points from RB should make up the difference. At RB I think I'm kinda weak.. I have Forte (who's been mostly a bust, but looks decent on paper), Ricky Williams, Thomas Jones, Jamaal Charles (who is really only for this week) and Willis McGahee.

So really, Jones and Williams are my only two solid RB options. Should I sacrifice one of my WR (I start 3 in my league, and 2 RB) and try to get Ray Rice? Do you think he'd take Ward/Forte for Rice, or would I have to throw in Cotchery or someone as well? Theoretically I could give him Williams or someone, but then I'd have no one to fall back on if Rice were to get injured. Is trying this trade even worth it?

Please let me know, I'm trying to make my team better. The only other option I could see would be trying to trade Ward and a running back for a better WR, but I'm not sure how many points that'd add.

Thanks for the help!!


Actually I guess I would have a backup in that if Rice Went out, I have Willis McGahee to cover immediately.

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    Erm for 1. They arent quality RB's. Jackson is on a bad offense and splits time, so does LT, so does PT, so Does hightower. I would Keep Rice if i was him.

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  • trixy
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    pass Celek he's wayyy safer. Olsen is fairly inconsistent and his time-honored is increasing by using fact he had that one particularly massive week a pair of weeks in the past. take a look into his factors and you will see for the main section, he's been in basic terms undesirable. Hines Ward is definately consistent yet i might somewhat have Celek if I have been you due on your cutting-edge undertaking at WR. additionally if your a huge fan of taking risks attempt to work out if he will givce Forsett to you, I actually have a feeling that if he keeps appearing on the factor of the point he did a pair days in the past, he will take over for the Seahawks and who's customary with of you will possibly no longer could desire to provide too plenty up for him in accordance along with his perspectives.

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  • Anonymous
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    I'd ask for Collie and Rice if I was putting up Forte and Ward.

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    quality running backs are hard to find if hes willing make that trade

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