What are some names that people often mispronounce?

I am making a list of names that I have often seen mispronounced and I am doing research on the correct pronunciations. I am getting them said and am looking at MULTIPLE sites and sources to find the true way to say the names

Please list MALE and FEMALE names that are commonly mispronounced

Update 2:


If I am not usually sure of a name or if I have never seen the name before, I check it to see how to see the name

Also when people correct each other, I can 'see' heheh

Also, just experience and doing research

Update 3:

How do they mess up Nicola?

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    Boys ~



    Girls ~

    *Caroline (I've seen people pronounce this like 20 different ways! CARE-oh-line, CARE-uh-line, CARE-uh-lyn, CARE-oh-lyn, CARE-uh-leen, etc.)

    *Persephone (Many people who are unfamiliar with the name pronounce it "purse-phone" like both of the words put together.)

    *Christiana (It's quite a confusing name to me. I'd love to know what the correct pronunciation(s) is/are.)




    *Arianna / Ariana (I never know how to pronounce these names! It bothers me so much. lol. ar-ee-ah-nuh, air-ee-ah-nuh, are-ee-ann-uh, etc.)

    *Bryony / Briony

    I'm sure there is more than one single pronunciation for some names though. Also, some places/countries have no problem pronouncing some names, while people in other countries have no idea! So, in some cases, it probably depends where you live.

    Good luck and have fun! :)

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    People are always going on about how Aurora is a mouth full. How it's too difficult to pronounce. I've never had any issues with it but apparently other people do. So I imagine that it gets mispronounced often. Another one would be Genevieve.

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    Ermmmm.....for the person who said Yvonne is pronounced ee-vahn, its not. Its my middle name and its pronounced EE-von (with a little emphasis on the EE). But I would agree that it is mispronounced all the time. I've had people who think my middle name is yiv-von, av-on, etc.

    Other names commonly mispronounced:

    Anneliese (the German spelling makes people come up with some weird pronunciations)

    Isla (I'm Scottish and can't understand why people can't pronounce this, but they can't? Strange one.) When people think its iss-la, it just makes me laugh.

    Amelie: Why do people think this is an updated spelling of Emily? Its a completely different name which I think is nicer than Emily.

    Cara/Kara: Depending on where you live, this name can be Cah-ra or it can be Care-ah.

    Conan: I've known people with this name who pronounce it Con-in and one guy pronounced his name Cone-in.

    I'll add to this list if I can think of any more.

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    Oh yes. I've had to spell it every time I've said it for the past forty years ..... ever since I knew how to spell it myself. It's a very easy name to spell and say but it's not a common name and there is a much more common name that sounds very similar so when we say my name people hear the more common one. If people see it written down, they verbally add another letter which changes the pronunciation ..... which ...... ANNOYS THE HECK OUT OF ME!

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  • Louis



  • R&R
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    1 decade ago

    Levi, Lucia,

    Alaina vs. Alana -people want to say these the same way



  • 1 decade ago

    Can people really not say these names correctly?

    I can pronounce all of them correctly, now I feel strange. Are they supposed to be hard to pronounce...? lol

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Louis ? Lol!


    Sorry it's not really a list tho.. haha

  • 1 decade ago

    Some of my friends anmes prounced wrong

    Zaiba [Zay ba] most people say [Za bee ah]

    Isla [eye la] most people say [is la]

    Siobhan [shi von] most people say [si bon]

    Niamh [neev] most people say [Nyav or Nyam]

    Sian [shan] most people say [shaun or si an]

    Rebecca [Rehbekah] a few people have called her [reebekah or rubeaka]

    Xavier [zaveer] people mostly say [X aveer] as in they pronounce the x not as a z.

    some that I have pronounced wrong

    Aoife [Eva or Ava] I've said [ay oh if]

  • Nicola
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    1 decade ago

    People are forever mixing up Madeline (mad-ah-line) and Madeleine (mad-ah-len). My own name is ALWAYS said wrong. It's Nicola. Pronounced (nick-uh-la) yet everyone says (nicole-ah).

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