miley cyrus背景資料please...

1. 我想問miley cyrus係 disney -嘅'ture friend' music viedo(youtube)點解係金色頭髮?

2.Hannah Montana:The Movie 入面係唔係佢嘅真實景(大約)


e.g.:佢帶金頭髮做歌手,但除某幾個人外,冇人知佢係Hannah Montana?


我仲要Miley Curus 嘅介紹 (都係一句...唔好




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    1. 我想問miley cyrus係 disney -嘅'ture friend' music viedo(youtube)點解係金色頭髮?

    Ans: 因為為佢係以Hannah Montana 呢個角色去唱!

    2.Hannah Montana:The Movie 入面係唔係佢嘅真實景(大約)

    Ans: 唔明休所講嘅真實景喺咩意思, but 係Hannah Montana: The Movie 入面最後係俾啲人知道哂(好似淨係嗰個town嘅人), 但係而家仲播緊嘅Hannah Montana 入面, 都淨係得her family members, Lily, Oliver知道!!

    Miley Curus 嘅介紹:

    Official site :

    係Hannah Montana 入面做Miley father is really her father!(Billy Ray Cyrus)

    Miley Cyrus Information:

    Eye color: Brown

    Height: 5' 4.5''

    Nickname(s): Miley, Smiley, MileyPoo, Milerz, Shmilerz, Milo, Shmiley

    Notable feature(s): Amazing Eyes. Wonderful Voice

    Education: Heritage Middle School

    Family: Noah, Brandi, Braison, Trace, Billy, Christopher, Leticia

    Resides in: California

    Personal interests/hobbies: Shopping, Chatting, Acting, Singing, Dancing


    City Of Hope, Houston Children's Charity, Libby Ross Foundation, Charity Birthday "Sweet Sixteen Bash

    Studio albums:

    Meet Miley Cyrus (2007) , Breakout (2008) The Time of Our Lives (2009)EP

    As Hannah Montana

    Main article: Hannah Montana discography

    Hannah Montana (2006)

    Hannah Montana 2 (2007)

    Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009)

    Hannah Montana 3 (2009)

    Source(s): 自己, wiki
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