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【 wei 】 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



in contrast to要+名詞

而by contrast則是後接句子


because of+名詞


不知道還有沒有類似的 ?


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  • chen
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    according to [ According to the papers,our export is on the

    . increase every year.]

    according as [ According as you decide , you may dine in

    . or dine out.]

    as far as [You can walk as fas the park,

    . then you change buses.

    as far as [As far as I know, his English is better than anyone

    . ele's]

    be worth [The dictionary is worth two hundred dollars.]

    be worth [The dictionary be worth , it's high expense for me.

    but for [But for his honesty, he should have been dismissed]

    but that [But that he is stubborn, he would listen to you.

    how about [How about you, I like you so much.]

    how about [ How about are you like me?

    in case of [In case of illness, you must consult a doctor at once]

    in case that [In case that the illness happened to me,

    . I was not hppy.

    be busy [I will be busy with my homework tonight.

    be busy [ Mother is busy preparing lunch in the kitchen.

    be afraid [ Mother is afraid of snakes.]

    be afraid [Mother is afraid that the snake is strong.

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