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Cawg R asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 decade ago

Any correlations to Kaczynski's concept of "oversocialization"?

I recently read Theodore Kaczynski's infamous anarcho-primitivist essay "Industrial Society and Its Future." I was intrigued by his concept of "oversocialization," where the drive to conform, whether innately or driven by outside stimuli, becomes a hindrance to effective personal development. I understand that this in Freudian terms would equate with an overactive and dominating superego. Are there any clinical terms for a condition such as this, or at least very similar? I'm not interested in any of the political contexts.

for reference:

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    it seems as if it could be a form of paranoia, in terms of having an intense fear of disappointing others/standing out in some negative way/needing to impress others. but if you are talking about an innate or externally driven obsession (even though it is probably unconscious and the person doesn't know he or she does this) then it may be some form of social OCD, as opposed to physical rituals (instead of physical compulsions and obsessions, they are more broad and center around social concept/perceptions of others, and therefore manifest themselves in a wider range of physical action)

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