My wife lacks of discipline, how to improve?

She won't cook my favorite dishes, sometimes she forgets to wash the clothes that I need and keeps talking when she's not supposed to. I don't know what to do with her anymore. I am not an old fashioned or chavounistic kind of guy but I think women need to serve their men in the most efficent way, if they can't fullfill their purpose they need to be corrected by all means necessary. Here's what bothers me about her for istance: Yesterday she went grochery shopping and she came back home one hour late, now, she knows exactly what time I want to have dinner and I do expect her to be sharp and precise. Well, I didn't let her eat as punishment and I warned her if that ever happens again it will be a full day without a meal. I bought her a car for her to be punctual, I didn't get her a car just to hike around. Since I am the one who brings money home, don't I deserve some respect? I don't want to sound like a control freak but I come from the US Navy and naturally I am very strict on discipline by habit. I would never hit her because I am against that sort of correction but I need some advices on how to set her straight.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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    You're a jerk. Thats horrible. She cooks and cleans for you and you won't let her eat? You are a control freak. You need to be more understanding and flexible.

    Get counseling.

    And you spelled grocery wrong.

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    People like you come on here asking questions like this trying to get a rise out of others because you are lacking attention. You are rather creepy....However (for the sake of argument) we'll pretend your question is real and you are as big of an @sshole that you just described. Speaking as a former Navy wife (my husband served 22 years) and Ombudsman for my husband's command, I hope your wife will wise up to your abuse and contact your chain of command, the Family Service Center on base, or her Ombudsman and make you pay your creepy way.

    You are very strict on discipline by habit because you serve in the Navy, huh? You saying that just shows you have probably never served a day in the Navy. Navy people are usually far more laid back then the other branches of the service. Next time claim you are a Marine when you are making up a story such as this one. It would be far more believable about the whole discipline thing:)

  • 3 years ago

    some one needs to 'set you straight away'!! have you ever heard of equality? Are you incapable of finding after your self or do you honestly choose some one to cook for you and be sure you're very nicely 24/7? To be basic i'm shocked she continues to be with you, i in my view may well be out of there straight away away! Do you think of she would not have the rest to do different than wait on your hand and foot? and you think of you're no longer previous shaped? think approximately to be kidding appropriate? She has in basic terms as plenty appropriate to do as she pleases as you do.

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    CONTROL FREAK, want, want, you give her everything yet you can't seem to control your own wife. go back to the navy maybe you can share the same room with some navy guys who aren't married of cause you could divorce her. take everything get a maid to cook, clean, do everything your momma used to do except for 1 thing that is well ???.. I'm a former navy wife my ex cheated, beat me, yet expected me to bail him out of jail and still be his MOMMA. i took the abuse for 5 1/2 yr's... grow up get another woman a maid, not your wife, just a maid. then get a rich girlfriend who doesn't need your so called money.. live apart just get together 4 times a wk that means she has to be older not 18 to 35 yr's young. get a life.......

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    you are a control freak, yes you are. I am in the United States Army and believe me sir the military does not condone your type of behavior. You sir are a disgrace. All woman have rights of which you are encroaching. You are committing domestic violence and should be punished for your crime. Your wife should leave you. Maybe she is to scared to leave you, maybe not. You will die alone if you dont change your ways. I feel sorry for you. Never mind I take that back, I feel sorry for your wife. Always remember KARMA IS A BIATCH!!! HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!

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    She did this, and she does that, its all HER fault! her, Her, HER!

    Listen to yourself man.... for a guy who "came from the US Navy" you sound pretty pathetic. And she "keeps talking when she's not supposed to"? J-Just what the hell? She's a woman. They ALL are pretty chatty. Have you ever thought about what kind of MAN you are? And how SHE must feel living with a drill sergeant for a husband?

    I'm glad to hear you dont hit her---thats good, but still... before you get all upset at all of her "imperfections" think about how many of YOUR OWN that she has to deal with. The only one who may need to be "set straight" here is you. She may not be perfect, no, but she is TRYING to please you. Imagine if she stopped trying, or left you... then what would you do. You'd have to cook and clean all by yourself!

    Remember - shes only a woman, your wife, not a fellow comrad from the Navy.

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    Would you like for me to explain the difference between a Mommy and a Wife? Or I could tell you how to do laundry. Its not hard. Look up chavounist in the dictionary. Do you know what you'll find?No not a picture of you, but in fact the definition of chavounist which is what you are.

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    Honey, you are most definitely a chauvinist.

    You do not have the right to deprive ANYONE of food. Your wife is not your property, she is a HUMAN BEING.

    You need to go to counselling, and if you can't accept that what you are doing is wrong, then you need to allow your wife to seek a divorce and go on with her life.

    She should not be timed when she goes out, her job is not to cook for you on demand, and she should not be deprived of anything if she doesn't live up to your expectations.

    If you want a maid, get one. Then you can make those kinds of demands.

  • 1 decade ago

    well I shared your question with my husband and we both think that you married a woman not a slave, and well who are you to pinish her? come on dude get that bs dicipline from stupid navy sh** out of you house, and be a man that makes her wife wanna do your dinner out of love and not out of fear and well good luck cuz if I was her one of this days I would cook you a delicious dinner with a special ingredient (rat poison)good luck and hope you change your ways on time before it is too late.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Maybe if you satisfied her physically, she would be more interested in pleasing you in other ways. Usually this kind of behavior on behalf of the wife indicates sexual incompetence on behalf of the husband. Just saying.

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    The US Navy has respect for woman and if they don't they are men who lack discipline. Respect doesn't come in a dinner plate or in the form of a car. Also for someone who is trying to correct people you should correct some of your spelling. Its grocery shopping not grochery.

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