FIRST BDAY - did you put a candle on the cake?

Obviously my son wont know how to blow out the candle, should i put one on anyway? What did you do?

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    Yes, every first birthday included a candle. For our first children we allowed their cousins to blow them for them. As our older kids grew it was them who did it for their siblings. We tell them it's a favor they do until their siblings are old enough to do it themselves.

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    Yes. We threw a number 1 candle on Her cake last year and I just bought a number 2 tonight for Her party on Sunday. She couldn't blow it out by Herself but She was so happy when We cheered Her on, even though She was a tiny bit startled (with lots of people clapping and yelling at the same time LOL)

    Even if the Little 1 can't blow out a candle You could either show Him how (have a little fun and He can watch and learn) or Have the Whole Family try to show Him how to Blow it out ALL Together(then that might encourage Him even more)

    If He still don't get it then act like He blew it out Himself and clap and say Good Job. That will make Him Smile and Happier then ever.LOL

    You can ALWAYS Save it for Him as a keepsake. Decorate a box and put ALL of the special things in there and save it until He gets older to show His kids.

    Source(s): Just keep trying to go over the blowing out the candle process with the little Guy and He will get it and if NOT this Birthday then He will get it on His 2nd one. Good Luck.Happy Birthday
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    Yep! With all our kids, we put a candle on their first birthday cakes. With the oldest, I helped her blow it out. With the younger ones, we let their siblings blow out the candle for them.

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    I put one candle on the cake and my son looked at it like whatever. I blew it out. We did his bday three weeks ago. It was cute. I thought. Just put it on and you blow it out.

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    we have two candles for my daughters first birthday, one is the shape of a 1 and the other is like a sign which says first birthday. she is going to have two cakes as she is having a party the day after her birthday so she will have a peppa pig one on her birthday and chocolate one at the party! although they cant blow them out its nice to have so id say go ahead and get one.

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    Yep. Go ahead and put one on anyway, then show him how it's done when it comes time to blow it out. He will be amused with how that works. And of course makes for great photographs too. Hope he has a very Happy Fun-filled Birthday with many more to come : )

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    Yes, we put one of those candles that is shaped like a "1." He found it interesting to look at and I blew it out for him.

  • You should start teaching him a couple days before his B-day. Light a candle and show him the fire and try and teach him to blow it, and not to touch it of course. If it works then that's great if not then just blow it out for him... it's no biggie, he wont know the difference.

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    Yes. I put 2. One for his first year and one to grow on. I let his cousins help blow them out.

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