Sports Question-Lacrosse & Field Hockey?

I'm a sixteen year old girl and I recently quit varsity soccer to focus on my schoolwork. I've always wanted to try taking up lacrosse or field hockey, do you think it is too late for me to try one of these sports? Should I have started at an earlier age? Any answers greatly appreciated :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    old guy. been involved lacrosse 1940s. the woman's game is the best version. a woman's team using woman's equipment ,rules would defeat a mens team. you are not to old. your soccer skills will make the crossover much easier. you will find that women's teams do not have egos your teammates will assist you no matter how late it is. please try this book library author jim hinkson. lacrosse for dummies. best sport instruction book ever. you will love the game. fastest growing sport in asia will pass baseball as number one in two years. over 100 division one schools full ride scholarships. sad part university of hawaii does not offer. best school simon fraser university burnaby canada. athletic scholarships, ivy league education off campus one bedroom apartment. if you play everything to gain, nothing to loose.

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    Me and my pals have been in basic terms discussing this the different day. we are newbies on our JV squad and had spent our entire 8th grade year going to training, tumbling, conditioning, or maybe if else. To be a cheerleader takes authentic skills and ability. If we could have spent a similar quantity of hours discovering a interest including Lax, field Hockey, Volleyball, etc. we could have been famous individual gamers. Do you think of as a lax participant, you will desire to are available and in basic terms study a roundoff backhandspring without previous adventure? Or a triple toe touch leap without making a unmarried sound once you land? or maybe for that count, grasp the acceptable cheer voice? No, so cheer takes extra uncooked skills then different activities, plus plenty extra education and determination.

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