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okay I NEED a gymnastics leotard..?

i have no clue where to buy one, id prefer that you guys give me a store suggestion, only because i need one by monday...yeah. lol :) oh in the chicago areas..even suburbs i just need one, so any suggestion will be thankfully taken.

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    ok, well I dont live by there so idk if this is any help to u but here are some websites....




    some stores are really any sports apparell store....

    - sports authority (there are a few in Chicago)

    -dick's sporting goods

    you should call the stores first to be sure that they carry them

    if you go to the mall im sure there are some stores that specialize in gymnastics and cheerleading and dance

    Good luck!!!<3 (:

    Source(s): internet and my mind!!! :D
  • vanzyl
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    4 years ago

    you will get a style of the two. maximum persons positioned on sleeveless leotards while they are at prepare and long sleeve at opposition. yet do no longer worry approximately opposition appropriate now. Sleeveless leotards i in my view think of are extra delicate. indexed right here are some stable web pages for leotards.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i got mine at the ymca gymnastics class they have alot.

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