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Why was Alastair Cook picked in Englands odi Squad?

His strike rate in odis is below 70, i dont think his style of play is suited to odi cricket

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    Its because Cook ended the season well in the One Day format with Essex.

    He made a couple of 100's which were both match-winning 100's and both scored at near a run a ball.

    His previous strike rate shouldn't be considered in the argument because Cook has now learned to be more aggressive in the shorter form of the game. It has even come out in some of his Test match innings.

    I also don't agree that someone's "style of play" can't suit a format. If your good enough for Test Cricket then you are good enough to adapt to any form of the game.

    Someone like VVS Laxman in the IPL showed that even players who prefer to keep the ball on the ground can learn to hit over the top.

    Cook has learned to be more aggressive. He did very well in the English Domestic Twenty20 competition often scoring with a S/R of over 150

    And he is one of the few English batsmen who can hit the ball straight consistently against spin and pace in a Limited overs match.

    Its definitely the right choice

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    Probably because of the fact that he's vice captain and the ECB want him in both squads. It's a bit strange, after all, to have a have a vice captain who isn't available to all the squads. Perhaps, therefore, they want to give him more of an opportunity to exert his personality and authority on the game. Also giving him more responsibility through a place in the ODI squad may actually help his Test form (which hasn't been great for a while now).

    But I agree that he's not a very good ODI player and the position will probably be wasted on him. He's far too old fashioned a player to be able to make much of an impact in that format.

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    Cos they got to many foreign players in the squad and need some local boys

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    But he can go not out upto 15 overs and he is a opener...nice he can eat deliveries but lead team to 70/0...etc...

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    well they need someone to be in the squad he might have improved hes one day game

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    may be lack of talent in england

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    he has really good doemstic one day last year

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