Is the SEC overrated?

look at their win/loss record

Alabama 8-0

LSU 7-1

Auburn 6-3

Mississippi 5-3

Mississippi State 4-5

Arkansas 4-4

Florida 8-0

South Carolina 6-3

Georgia 4-4

Tennessee 4-4

Kentucky 4-4

Vanderbilt 2-7

they are just as good as any other conference so why do they get treated differently???


if you think they are the best conference explain why because i dont know why it cant be the big 12 with texas and oklahoma etc.

Update 2:

as an ohio state fan i just wanna know a little bit about the sec because i live in florida now

Update 3:

thank you rob for not being sexist about it, i was just curious to see what yall think

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    Of course they are. And don't let the homers fool you. The SEC doesn't beat each other up anymore than any other conference does. But the real proof is in how they schedule. While they may be 31-6 against non conference opponents thus far, don't let that fool you. Since only 7 of those wins came against other BCS conferences (the same number that the Pac 10 has, and they have 2 less teams), while a majority of those wins came against the Sun Belt Conference, The MAC, and 6 games against D2 schools, with still 5 more D2 schools on SEC schedules.

    If the SEC was as great as SEC fans would like you to believe, then explain their losing record to the Pac 10 this decade or their slightly better than .500 record against the Big 10, with all of those games being played in SEC territory.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    All the conferences are down this year. The Pac-10 has been owning the SEC though, and i think the Big-12 is 1-0 against them.

  • 1 decade ago

    You have to remember that 8 of those games they play are against other SEC teams, so it's kind of hard to go by anything there. Vanderbilt is probably the only truly bad team in the conference this year. I wouldn't say the SEC is light years ahead of the other conferences or anything but I can't really think of another conference on their level except maybe the Big 12, and that's a big maybe.

    I'm sorry Bush Toddler, but maybe you should explain how Los Angeles, Berkeley, Ann Arbor, and Seattle are "SEC territory." Is the SEC's reach really that far? SEC teams have played in all those places in recent years with varying degrees of success. It should be noted that most of those games against the Pac-10 came against USC, who has been a great team most years. I doubt any other team could have done that.

    I know Ole Miss ended up with 2 1-AA teams this year and that's pathetic, but the fact is they talked to some big-name schools to fill at least one of those spots in, including at least Virginia Tech, Penn State, and if you want to call them a big-name school, TCU. None of them had the guts to play Ole Miss. That's why they're stuck with Northern Arizona this weekend. So don't put this all on the SEC.

  • 4 years ago

    Riggo well-nigh took the phrases correct from my fingertips. I additionally guess you are type of younger, centered at the manner you are making your arguments. Look, I recognize the SEC is a well convention, and I don't have any situation admitting they're the fine if insecure SEC lovers were not continuously on yahoo seeking to shove that down every body's throats. This season, despite the fact that, I do not consider any convention is the fine. The SEC is on no account equipped to "run the desk" considering that a few in their groups are both always well or play particularly good while they have got a matchup in opposition to one of the vital fine groups within the SEC and incite the disappointed, i.e. Georgia over Florida at present. It's contradictory to mention they play bold rivals after which say they run the desk, and so they obviously would not have the vast majority of their groups within the most sensible 10 each week--they have got had, at so much, approximately 3, probably 4, and a type of groups drops out each week, a minimum of. They hold a few groups within the most sensible 25, for definite, however detailed groups you'll be able to on no account see there this season or so much another season, equivalent to Vanderbilt, Ole Miss or Miss. St. To me, the SEC is hyped up considering that the equal matters that occur to them can occur to different groups of their convention and get tremendously unique responses. Like any individual else mentioned, Big Ten groups this season are beating up on every different or stepping up once they recognize they are gambling a well Big Ten workforce, and a few particularly robust groups within the Big Ten lose considering that of it. But the reaction goes to be, "The Big Ten is susceptible." Florida or LSU can lose to a Kentucky that loses to Miss. St. or slightly-ranked-in-the-most sensible-20 Kentucky, or Vanderbilt can beat S. Car., and the excuse is "Wow, Miss. St./Kentucky/Vandy particularly seemed well available in the market! That used to be a hard workforce Florida/LSU/S. Car. simply misplaced to." Same for the Pac 10 and different meetings--I wonder whether folks are going to begin giving Oregon their due now after beating USC, or is it simply going to be "USC is with out Booty" or "USC is susceptible this season" and plenty of USC jokes. When folks speak approximately how well the SEC is, they particularly are most effective speaking approximately 2 or 3 groups. Well, different trendy meetings have 2 or 3 robust groups as good. Nobody ever elements out while a SEC workforce sucks (just like the 3 I named earlier than) or once they lose to a workforce they have got no industry wasting to (to me, Florida vs Auburn and Georgia, LSU vs Kentucky, Kentucky vs Miss. St., Tennessee vs Alabama, and so on), or even if a non-SEC workforce beats a SEC workforce (WVU beat Miss. St., Michigan beat Vanderbilt final season, Wisconsin beat Arkansas within the Capital One Bowl, and so on)...however those equal matters will likely be mentioned for groups in different meetings and completely harped on. That's why a few of us believe strongly that the SEC is hyped up.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As always the SEC is misunderstood as a conference.

    We, more than anyother conference, have to beat up on each other all season long.

    If you took the top 6 SEC teams and let them play outside the conference every game they would more than likely all be in the top 10 all year long.

    Look at their schedules and see who they play.

    Now look at teams like Ohio State and ones like that. Most of their games, not all, are nothing. Look at TCU. They haven't played a ranked team all year long. Well, BYU but we know how that goes.

    Let TCU, USC, Ohio State and teams like that play about 4 or 5 SEC teams during the year.

    Be a lot different story then.

  • rob
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    The SEC probably is the best conference in America, but you can't tell by their overall record, you have to look at how they did outside their conference.

    So far this year, I think they are 31-6, which means they have won 80% of their games, and 8 of the 12 teams have won ALL their out of conference games.

    Their bowl records are among the best too. So for me, the SEC is the top conference.

  • CS4
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I have not seen any rankings or ratings of a conference, just individual schools. The "gathering" mindset is inherently in your DNA, and I'm sure that gathering schools together and asking if its overrated makes perfect sense to you. But, really just doesn't work.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No there the best conference in football.


    Pac-10/Big Ten

    Big swelve 12


    Mountain west

    Big least


    Texas=Most overated team in football. Gators or tide roll horns big.

  • 1 decade ago

    Massively over rated.

    I honestly think Washington State would kick the cr*p out of some of the SEC bottom-feeders.

    And I'm looking forward to Texas giving the SEC a beat-down in January.

  • 1 decade ago

    Bring on the SEC champ, whoever it is!


    Always remember!


    Edit: That's right Chuck, the SEC is the only conference that really knows how to play football. Idiot!!!!!!! Bring on the winner!

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