Sony, and Sega?? Plus PS2 Emulator for PS3?

I read in "Game informer" magazine that Sony is trying to get Sega to get a list of its Dreamcast titles, so that Sony can put them on the PSN store for people to purchase, Download.

I also Read that sony, is working on a PS2 Emulator for the PS3, and that they are going to put all PS2 titles up on the PSN store for purchase and download.

Is all of this True?

Plus has their been any more news on all of this??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    highly unlikely about any of this, Sega has kind of an agreement with nintendo for their virtual console, and usually it is unlikely for companies to go back on their word, also the ps3 used to have actual ps2 hardware in the first few models, and emulated ps2 playability in the first 80gig models, but sony took those features out because people weren't willing to pay for that backwards compatibility, plus sony takes forever to do anything, so even if it were true we wouldn't see it for another 2 years, seriously we're just getting netflix streaming now and i just saw that Braid was released for PSN, a platform game that was released 1.5+ years ago.

    Source(s): A hopeful ps3 user
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