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I'm a home chef - how to bump my game to the next level?

I consider cooking to be my biggest hobby, and have really enjoyed mastering new techniques and dishes at home. I love experimental and gourmet cooking, and I'm looking to bring my skills to the next level. I am pretty adept with sauces, baking, stocks, filled pastas, etc., but I'm wondering how I can find a good cookbook or guidebook to help me master the more complex culinary arts and a more advanced skill set.

Do any of you have a cookbook to recommend or try? I want to buy the Flavor Bible, and have heard it's really good, and am also considering the French Laundry Cookbook - I read a blog by a lady who cooked her way through the whole thing, and was inspired.

My only caveat; cost prohibitiveness. I can't afford to buy foie and white truffles for us to just eat at home - that's a little out of my price range.



I consider myself to be an 'intermediate' level cook - can definitely handle most recipes I've seen, and am proficient with creating my own. I guess I'm wanting to tackle more advanced projects...

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    Your next step should be to make a lifetime investment by purchasing the Professional Chef book. This book is a Chefs bible! If you know nothing in cooking and you read this book you would come out an expert. It's the best of both worlds, because you have every single thing that there is to know in culinary arts, in colour, with full demonstrations as if you are in a class with a lecturer, and then you have the standard recipes and all other variations. Recipe books are nothing compared to this. There is also a section at the back that goes into Baking and Pastry Arts step by step so that you can truly master what you to. There is better book out there, a close match maybe the Professional Cooking.

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    1 decade ago

    Hi! Your next step is to pick up "The Professional Chef" which is available and used in professional culinary art schools. Another one, which gives you a more broad-spectrum of choices and thinking is How to Cook Anything by Mark Bittman.

    I you really wanna get fancy sometimes (I like to show off) subscribe to Saveur magazine. It's online. MMMMM......

    I'm rooting for you and Good Luck~

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    5 years ago

    Hey there, good as recounted earlier than the "Professional Chef" through the CIA is a beautiful well e-book at studying your basics. If you are watching for a venture I advise you examine out "The French Laundry Cookbook" through Thomas Keller. If you are watching for an enjoy checkout something from Ferran Adria, unluckily his fabric is not precisely useful for the house prepare dinner. Hope that helped :)

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