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Do I have to get blood drawn?

I am a 13 year old and I am getting a physical today. I am super nervous because I don't know if they have to draw some blood. I am very healthy and haven't gotten blood drawn in maybe 2 years. I want to call and ask whether they'll have to draw blood, but I don't want to sound like a freak. Do you think that I will have to get blood drawn? Should I just ask my doctor before I go in? Please give some helpful advice. Thanks

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    Be bold be brave.....Part & Parcel of life......Go in there thinking positively you want a blood sample taken...ultimately it's your health and life.

    Try pain control techniques. When I am in most pain, I constantly remind my self that I have power to bear this and that's why I am being put through it.



    1) Drink lots of water, this makes it a lot easier to draw the blood. (All nurses in U.K talk about this.)

    2) If you wish, you can request them that you want to lie down that makes it easier.

    3) Declare to the nurse - Candidly, better call some one to hold you otherwise that needle is going in her arm :-). Light environment/connecting with people relieves the apprehensions.

    Source(s): Watching my wife. She is going to have a second baby and still the needle makes her so nervous and I think this is nothing compared to the pains in labor/delivery.
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    I haven't had my blood drawn since I was like 10, im 14 now. I was so worked up about it, I was crying before they even did it.. My sister is a pediatric nurse and she draws blood everyday. She says the kids don't cry expect for the ones that were crying before she drew the blood. Just make sure you have a good nurse, or if your really freaked out and trust your doctor more you can ask him/her to do it if they have time. Just don't think about it! When she does it, look away and think about happy places.

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    Getting your blood drawn isn't painful. I went to get my blood drawn and i was terrified. i looked away and made a fist as hard as i could. after awhile i said is it in yet. and they were almost done drawing the blood.

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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    with a normal physical you do not have to get your blood drawn... but you should just man up and tough it out because whatever happens it ends quickly.

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    That's up to your doctor. Normally he wouldn't order it unless he suspects a problem.

    You shouldn't be afraid, that's what I do for my job, and it really is only a tiny poke. But believe me, even some big strong men ARE terrified!

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    If it's a full body check-up then no. Thye will just examine your body to see if you are healthy PHYSICALLY. this is not an internal check-up, so you are safe.

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