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Me asked in Business & FinanceCredit · 1 decade ago

Bill collection harassment?

My dad has a business account with Verizon. His business went down the tubes and he's filing for bankruptcy. I have one of the phone lines on his account. Verizon calls me EVERY single day asking to speak to him. I've told them repeatedly that this isn't even his number, and he's not even in the same state as me. They say something about how they call someone on the account randomly in numerical order . I ask them to stop and they say no we won't.

They interrupt me at work. They call me when I'm sleeping. They won't leave me alone!!! My dad can't pay the bill. He's unemployed and going bankrupt. I don't have that kind of money either.

Is this harassment or do they have the right?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If this account has been included in his bankruptcy filing, then they can not continue collection efforts once one has filed for bankruptcy.

    Simply inform them he has filed and to take it up with him, it is not in your name. Send them a cease and desist letter informing them this is not your account.

    Here is a sample to use


    Creditors name:_______________________

    Attn: Customer service


    City, state, ZIP:__________________________________

    RE: Cease communication

    Your Name ________________________,

    Account #_______________________________

    To whom it may concern:

    This letter is in regards to above referenced account. In accordance with 15 USC 1692d § 806. Harassment or abuse, par (6), I am requesting at this time that you to cease telephone communications with me regarding this account.

    You can correspond with me via U.S. mail. My address is printed below. Any future phone calls I receive at my home or at my work will be reported to the Federal Trade Commission as a violation of my rights according to 15 U.SC. 1692c.

    Sincerely, _____________________________________ Name:________________________________ Address:______________________________

    City, state, ZIP:__________________________________

    Send it certified mail/return receipt requested.

    NOTE: This communication is not intended as or should be interpreted as legal advice. It is intended solely as a general discussion of legal principles or definitions of the FDCPA and FCRA. Always consult an attorney if needed.

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  • CatDad
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    1 decade ago

    They have the right to make collection calls for overdue accounts. The account is most likely going to close anyway due to it's only a matter of time before your phone gets disconnected. You should seriously consider porting the phone number to another carrier. There are many good prepaid/no contract options out there. Maybe you should get a brand new number with a new carrier so that you won't get collection calls.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If the line is on that account, they have a right to call it. If you know he is not paying the bill, why are you still using the phone?? Turn it off, mail it back to him, and get your own.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Turn off the phone when you are sleeping.

    Get another phone, not on his account. Do not give them the phone number. Return the phone that is on his account to him. Or simply turn off that phone.

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