A-Z "Dream Setlists" : Day #22. What is your dream setlist for your "band V"?

Here's the idea...

A) Pick ONE musical artist whose name begins with the letter "V" (Velvet Revolver, Stevie Ray Vaughn). Choose any musical artist you like (active or inactive), so long as the band name or the musician's first or last name begins with the letter "V".

***PLEASE NOTE : If you want to choose a musician that someone else already has, then by all means, do so. Everyone will have different ideas. I don't care how many times the same musician is chosen.***

B) Choose 15-18 (or roughly a 2-hour set) songs that you would have them perform if you could choose their setlist for them. List the songs in order that you'd like to hear them. I've posted mine below.

My "V" musical artist : Van Halen



You Really Got Me



Dance The Night Away

I'll Wait

Sinner's Swing

Could This Be Magic?

Ice Cream Man


Pretty Woman

Little Dreamer

Hot For Teacher

In A Simple Rhyme-->"Growth"

Encore :

Me Wise Magic

Happy Trails

Beautiful Girls


I will try to do this every weekday with a different letter each day, depending on whether people actually enjoy these questions or not.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    the ventures

    slaughter on tenth avenue

    journey to the stars


    underground fire

    no trespassing

    lullaby of the leaves

    dick tracy

    batman theme

    pedal pusher

    diamond head

    action plus

    moon child

    the savage

    night drive

    no trespassing

    road runner



    hawaii five o

    walk don't run

  • 1 decade ago


    Countess Bathory

    Welcome To Hell

    Buried Alive

    Black Metal

    Bursting Out

    In League With Satan

    Angel Dust



    Too Loud (For The Crowd)


    Stand Up (And Be Counted)


    Women, Leather and Hell


    Metal Punk

    Live Like An Angel Die Like A Devil

    Witching Hour


    One Thousand Days In Sodom

    (Looks like David V took up right where I left off. Such a great band)

  • Lucy
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I didn't have to think about this one. Stevie Ray Vaughan

    If The House Is Rockin'

    Mary Had A Little Lamb

    Cold Shot



    Couldn't Stand The Weather

    Little Wing

    Pride and Joy

    Life By The Drop


    Texas Flood


    Ain't Gone N Give Up On Love

    Look At Little Sister

    Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

    Little Wing

    Life Without You

    Change It

  • 1 decade ago

    I love this - I gotta do Van Halen too


    Atomic Punk

    Running With the Devil


    I'll Wait

    And the Cradle Will Rock


    Mean Streets

    Where Have All the Good Times Gone?

    You Really Got Me

    Drop Dead Legs

    Hot For Teacher

    Jamie's Cryin

    Little Dreamer


    Ice Cream Man

    Dance the Night Away

    Happy Trails

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  • 1 decade ago

    As always, all but first and last songs are in random order, and encore is decided on the night.

    Vinegar Joe


    Early Monday Morning


    Speed Queen of Ventura

    Angel {cover}

    Rusty Red Armor

    Dream My Own Dreams

    Never Met a Dog

    Whole Lotta Shakin’ (Going On) {cover}

    Gettin’ Out

    Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsies

    No One Ever Do

    Lady of the Rain

    It’s Getting to the Point

    See the World

    Charley’s Horse

    Live a Little, Get Somewhere

    Giving Yourself Away

    Let Me Down Easy

    Encore :

    So Long

    Fine Thing

    Black Smoke Rising from the Calumet

  • **VOIVOD**


    Forgotten In Space

    Killing Technology

    This Is Not An Exercise


    The Unknown Knows


    Astronomy Domine (Floyd cover)

    Missing Sequences

    X-Ray Mirror

    Inner Combustion


    Tribal Convictions

    Brain Scan

    Psychic Vacuum


    Cosmic Drama

    Technocratic Manipulators

    Angel Rat



  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Velvet Underground

    Sunday Morning

    The Gift

    Sister Ray

    I'll Be Your Mirror


    New Age

    I Found A Reason

    Sad Song

    Pale Blue Eyes

    The Murder Mystery

    E :

    Candy Says

    Run Run Run

    Source(s): Bleach
  • 1 decade ago

    Van Stone:

    original lineup. Randy Van Stone:vocals Lonnie Van Stone: guitar Mr Bones:drums Cliff:bass w/ special guests Kurt Gibson and Burt Van Stone on lead guitar Hawk:roadie

    We're Van Stone

    Pamldale USA

    Cocaine Fever .

    $25 B l o w j o b

    Beer Run

    Spring Break Forever

    Peanuts in our Poop

    Show us your T i t s (For Freedom)



    Solo battle between Burt, Lonnie and Kurt. Winner gets to be in the band

    Party Hardy

    Nobody F u c k s with Van Stone

    Skate Town

    Rock and Roll in our Bones

  • 1 decade ago


    Chung Kuo

    Beaubourg (39:14)

    Song of the Seas


    Memories of Blue

    La Fete Sauvage (38:30)

    The Plum Blossom (with Michel Ripoche on Violin)

    The Little Fete (with Yeung Hak-Fun & Koon Fook Man)

    Theme from Antarctica  


    L'Enfant ( from “The Year of Living Dangerously” )

    Heaven and Hell (43:14)


    Encore --

    Main Title from “Bladerunner”

    Albedo 0.39

  • 1 decade ago

    van morrison

    new biography

    goin' down to geneva

    brown eyed girl

    gypsy in my soul

    and it stoned me

    madame joy

    these dreams of you



    wonderful remark

    crazy love

    wild night


    tupelo honey


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