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Other scary movies like Paranormal Activity?

I LOVED the movies paranormal activity. What other movies besides Blare Witch Project are like paranormal activity. Like other independent films based on true events (i dont care if its real or not lol) I've already seen Quarantine. But any other independent films about ghost or demons or stuff like that?

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    —A relatively new subgenre, first person films get you right in on the action, often filmed through the character’s video cameras—

    Quarantine [REC]


    The Blair Witch Project

    Beyond the Mask: Leslie Vernon

    District 9

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    I just rented the movie today and finished watching it , its not as scary like its alright boring at first but has scary moments the movie was short tho

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    watch "seed" if you not that scary is like chain saw movies..

    i wonder how would you react on the beginning

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