Is it fair for canadians to watch Total Drama Action episodes one week after the americans?

It's not fair, why should we let the americans to be ahead of us. If it wasn't for this total drama island series in america, they would be watching boring shows. This is canada's series, why air it in CN, before in teletoon. This is the second time the americans are doing these nonsence. The first one is a show called Life With Derek which was made in CANADA. It was going on, until the americans had it too. They aired the episode 2 weeks later than us, and I was ok. Then the last season came, we were still ahead of them, but then these americans were complaing that why we watch it too early then them and that we spoil the episodes. So then the last 2-4 episodes of the show was aired on March of 2009 in america and in Canada it aired in the summer. THAT IS NOT FAIR. Now these americans are spoiling the episodes to us canadians, and it's driving me nuts. We complain with shows in america saying they are spoiling it, but what do they do... NOTHING

I'm making a petition of people who want Total Drama Action to be aired like before (before america) since I talk to Fresh Inc on the phone, and if we get about 10000 the company might reconsider. So write your name after your response.

Thank You

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  • 1 decade ago
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    HeII I live in the states and I couldn't care less. You guys can have it, the whole damn thing and the network along with it.

    Good grief, I have heard of trivial pi$$ing contests but this has got to be some kind of a record.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh shut up. You guys used to have Pushing Daisies, Gossip Girl, and other shows before us. Infact you guys have Degrassi ahead of us, so quit whining.

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