Why does my family and friends from the eastcoast have a totally different(thank god,lol) Thanksgiving dinner?

We serve slow roasted turkey,

homemade turkey gravy

Mashed pot.

cranberry sauce

white rolls

mashed & sweetened sweet pot.

mashed & sweetened butternut squash

Some East Coast families serve mashed turnip(not me)

Giblet stuffing flavored w/ Bell's seasoning

We do not serve sweet pot. pie,but pumpkin and squash pie.I think sweet pot. pie tastes like baby food but I have also received negative reviews from Southerners on my traditional New England Thanksgiving meal as well.

What do you guys usually have and what part of the country are you from also,what is the actual reason that holiday feasts vary so much from region to region.

I obsess over regional differences in cuisine especially w/ chinese food,lol.

Wherever you are Happy Thanksgiving:)

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    Cheese grits for Thanksgiving...that's new! Funny we southerners didn't claim that one!

    I am east coast but southern. We serve pretty much what you stated other than the squash, we sure wouldn't mash it either! We grow squash in the summer so that's when we eat that (fried usually). And we make cornbread dressing in a pan, not stuffing with bread crumbs. I like stuffing but I just couldn't have Thanksgiving without my dressing!

    I don't see how mashed sweet potatoes are any better than sweet potato pie - it's basically the same thing but poured and baked in a pie shell. But to each their own I guess!

    Turnips? Gag.

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    I've been in Texas all my life (so far) and we have a pretty traditional Thanksgiving meal:

    Roast Turkey

    fried turkey (that's a recent addition - maybe 5-8 years ago)

    cornbread dressing

    giblet gravy

    Italian dressing (this is very not traditional, but my daddy was Sicilian)

    sweet potato casserole with marshmallows toasted on top

    cheese grits

    cranberry salad


    green bean casserole

    rolls & butter

    and for dessert:

    pumpkin pie

    pecan pie

    either lemon meringue or chocolate meringue pie

    Nobody needs that much food at one meal. I can't decide if that made me hungry or gave me a stomach ache! lol

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    We usually serve sweet potato casserole and no squash. Definitely no turnips (no one in my family would touch them!). One thing that I've heard of that's apparently a regional thing here is serving sauerkraut as a side with the turkey. Also, we have green bean casserole, too, which you didn't list. I am from central Maryland.

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    My family usually has a turkey, mashed potatoes, biskets or rolls, green beans, beats, cranberry ssauce and sometimes mashed sweet potatoes depending on the year. Pie wise its uusuallyeither Apple or Pumpkin. There are other things but I cant remember them. Oh and my family is ooriginallyfrom the North.

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    different regions have differnt cutural influence

    Happy thanksgiving http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmykFRHFUXU

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