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Religiously speaking...How come atheists are never...?

haunted by ghosts or spirits?

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    We are! Everyone is! The difference is that some people recognize those fears as an irrational and natural part of our biological heritage, so we don't pay them much attention. Our imagination is a power thing.

    Source(s): "I don't believe in ghosts but they scare the hell out of me." ~Yogi Berra
  • Silly question.

    How can you prove such things even exist? You assume that everyone is haunted by ghosts except athiests, yet I am not an athiest and have not ever seen or experienced a spirit/ghost.

    By your assumption of, "belieif in God=Haunted", you have proven yourself to be not worthy of a serious answer.

    Try again.

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    My favorite Donna. Is this based on fact? I'm not sure this is entirely true. I shall investigate and report back.

    My gut tells me......ghosts sightings are equally divided between theists and atheists. Same with UFO's. Same with Big Foot.

    Edit: A cursory amount of research returns: The opposite is true. The majority of the reports and sightings are from atheists. Also, the majority of ghost societies are founded and/or run by atheists.

    Are you pulling our chain? Do you have facts supporting your claim? Inquiring minds want to know.


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    It's because many atheists don't believe in ghosts or spirits. You're over generalizing. I'm sure there are many atheists who think they're haunted by dead people.

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    I am not an athiest and I don't believe in ghosts or magic. However I have had some experiences that make me wonder. For instance I have had some very close calls with death and it was like My guardian angel saved me at the last moment. It makes one wonder about things we can't see. I can't see gravity or magnetism, but they exist. Some beliefs were created a long time ago to explain phenomena and acumulated followers. No one really knows for sure.

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  • Buddha
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    No, no not at all.

    I have a haunt right here in my atheist house.

    A lost ghost, spirit, energy form has nothing to do

    with a religion.

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    I'm Christian and I've never been haunted by ghosts or spirits.

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    1. Some can't admit they do/ want to hide their mental problem

    2. Too used to friendly ghost buddies

    3. Not Wanted by the ghosts or spirits

    4. Never experienced it/ not real to them/ unscientific

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    Ghosts and spirits work like God -- they only influence those that believe in them. Just like Santa!

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    I have met atheists who have had encounters with ghosts. Many of them. They don't believe it's Godly or a spirit... and they may not have even believed in ghosts... until they saw them... look it up.. there are lots of cases....

    However, if this was true... it could be said that they don't believe, so they don't "See". It has to be real to see. OR you have to believe... if you don't do either... you get nothing... this is a reasonable argument... although I don't agree with that either, lol :)

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