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List of "High Risk Dog Breeds" from insurance company has some interesting breeds on it...?

I'm currently looking for an apartment. I found a really nice complex that my boyfriend and I really love. Only one problem: they use a list of prohibited dog breeds. I love Shiba Inus, but they are on this list. The receptionist told me that they were 50-60lb dogs; that is simply not true. Shibas are small dogs about the size of a Boston Terrier. Why would Shiba inus be considered a high risk breed?

there's a pic of one.

Aside from all of the regularly stereotyped breeds the list also had some other breeds on it that I can't understand why they are there: Husky, Dalmatian, Great Dane, Airedale Terrier, Border Collie, etc.

Any ideas/explanations for this? Note that the list doesn't prohibit large dogs in particular.

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    I'm fairly certain that "Husky" appears on the list because anything with pointy ears and a curly tail (GSD mix, Akita mix, Wolfdog, etc.) is labeled as a "husky" by Animal the case of Wolfdogs specifically, the asshats who buy them are instructed to call them "husky mixes" by the breeders, especially if there are regulations and restrictions on owning one in their city/county.

    Why the Great Dane and the Border Collie appear there, I have no idea. FWIW, I've met many a nasty Airedale.

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    I have a 6yr. old female Shiba Inu.

    Shibas are not 50-60 lb. dogs. My Shiba weighs about 28 lbs. but she is large for a female.

    Shibas are an ancient breed from Japan. They still maintain many characteristics/traits similar to wild dogs. Shibas are not an easy, carefree breed. They are stubborn, are notorious for not being reliable off-leash, can be dog aggressive, and are very much BIG dogs in smallish bodies. I've seen Shibas who are wonderful with everyone and anything as well as Shibas who are aggressive. I rescued my Shiba from an abusive home so she has fear and guarding issues. While I wouldn't trade her for anything and I love her dearly and would fight to the death for her I think I'm an exception. Lots of people would've thrown in the towel long ago. I've had her for 5 yrs. now and it's not been an easy road. It's been worth it though. With alot of training and love she's come a long way.

    As far as Huskies, Dalmatians, and Border Collies being on that list. They're really not the best apartment dogs. All of them are high-energy dogs that need alot of exercise and/or work to do.

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    I can "understand" a lot of those breeds. Apartments don't ban breeds SIMPLY because they are aggressive. Northern breeds are KNOWN to be extremely destructive if left alone, like shibas and huskies. Huskies can be big howlers when left alone. Border collies are extremely energetic dogs, and maybe the complex just does not feel they should be allowed there. Dalmations can be very aggressive dogs. Honestly, I've never met one that didn't have some kind of temperament problem, usually leading to aggression. The great dane? I would guess just a size issue. you would have to ask them their reasoning.

    A local complex by me bans german shepherds because the owner's parents use to breed them, and she feels that if they are locked up in an apartment they will become extremely destructive and howl, and that is why they are banned there. Now, I don't know what kind of shepherds her parents were breeding, BUT.......

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    I am by no means a dog expert, and I'm not quite sure if I can answer your question with 100% confidence, but I've heard that Shiba Inus have a tendency to be quite aggressive when put in a situation they aren't comfortable with. They are a little bit larger than Boston Terriers (averaging I believe between 17ish-25lbs.)

    Dalmatians are aggressive dogs, very protective.

    Great Danes, with the wrong family and the wrong training, can be unruly and with their big size can become dangerous in a community with small kids (there are a lot of instances of Great Danes basically running children over).

    As for the other dogs, not sure I could tell you for sure.

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  • Some of the "prohibited dogs" lists can be quite peculiar. I remember hearing about one for community housing that banned (among other breeds) Bedlington Terriers. Has there been a rash of Bedlington Terrier attacks I haven't heard about?

    This is the problem with any kind of breed specific profiling. They keep adding breeds. YOUR breed may be next - don't think that just because your breed is "harmless" they won't be banned - the people who make up these lists really don't know anything about dogs.

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    The list is just a caution list, no one is calling the dogs nasty, or evil, just generally more tempermental than other breeds. Yes, most dogs, whatever the breed, are lovely, friendly, gorgeous creatures, but many people do not trust larger breeds, or stereotypically "nasty" breeds. Breeds like Border Collies, Dalmations, and all the others you mentioned are no more likely to bite someone as a Beagle, or Irish Setter or something like that, just not always as gentle careful as other breeds...

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    Apartment is key word...I have 3 border collies and I would NEVER put them in a closed area...All the dogs that are on your "list" need ROOM!!Borders are great lovers but need an owner that is willing to run w/them and exercise them

    Any dog will be "high risk" if not given the attention the breed demands,whether it be exercise or companionship

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    I cannot believe Great Dane is HONESTLY on that list..

    It is just ridiculous.

    They are one of the only breeds that all aggression has basically been BRED OUT OF THEM.

    They are the most gentle and loving dogs.

    I do not understand or have an explanation other than people dont understand that some of those breeds are NOT aggressive.

    It seems like more and more breeds are added to that list every year.. Its terrible.

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    Husky, Dalmation etc. are pretty high energy dogs that need a lot of exercise. The apartment management possibly made this list because these breeds need an outlet and if bored can be destructive and vocal.

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    The dogs listed are the breeds that insurance companies have paid out the most claims on for biting and aggression. Blame bad dog owners.

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