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I had my email account hacked into and emails sent out.?

This company located in China, ETS hacked into my email account, sent an advertisement like I wrote it and found this "wonderful website" where I could buy electronics.." blah blah blah...They sent to everyone in my address book! Upon visiting this site, spoke with their IM and of course once I asked why and how they did this to me, would not respond. Nor would they respond to my email I sent.

They did this to me which is very embarrassing as many of these email addresses were professional, ie attorneys and others. Then, they blow me off. I tried the online BBB and always when I fill out the complaint and go to submit, it goes nowhere.

Its as if I have no recourse here. I want to pound this business for this, but need suggestions from the Yahoo answers community.

Send me your good suggestions.....I will take ANY. Good or bad.

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    1. there only one way they got your password. atfer all we are talking about someone who hacked microsofts servers or yahoos. which may i remind you is very hard to do. and alittle fact for you "IMPOSSIBLE"

    the only way they hacked your email was from a phished website... a keylogger you got from a download... or another form of Trojan that involves stealing info like bad cookies or something.

    so really they didnt hack your account... you gave it to them!

    theres really nothing you can do from here on out but send in reports by contacting who ever email service your using like hotmail, yahoo, aim, Etc. and this doesn't mean trying to contact them from the email that has been hacked either. that would just be a worthless move and a waste of a good 5 min of your life.

    next time check who you are registering with and what your downloading... and make sure no friends that know your info are leaking it.

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    1. You and a zillion other people.

    2. Remember that spoofing your return address does not require hacking your account though sending to your entire addressbook implies that they did.

    3. Use a more secure email system. Consider using one on your PC rather than a web based one.

    4. Don't take it personally. It happens the the best of us.

    5. I'd say it is EXACTLY like you have no recourse. Deal with it. Move on.

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    It's probably just a scam that lives to hack into people's accounts and send out emails... change your password and send an email to everyone in your address book explaining and apologizing about the hacker. Other than that, I don't think there's anything else you can do.

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    Did they hack you or have you a worm on your PC which sent the emails ?

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