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Should I be bothered that my boyfriend owes $12,000 in child support? He claims he didnt know it.?

So he told me he got a bill in the mail a few days ago from the IRS saying he owes $12,000 in child support and he says he has no idea how that happened. Dont people who pay child support get notices or something saying when its time for them to pay? I didn't know what to think of his story. He has three kids and he has joint custody with the mother, but the mother also has physical custody and he doesn't. He had just got his drivers license back not too long ago. He got it taken away from a year because he was behind on child support. What could possibly happen to him now? Oh and he doesnt have any money right now to even pay that 12k.


Sorry its Internal Revenue not the IRS

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    Actually, you were correct: IRS is the Internal Revenue Service. He states he just received a bill claiming he owes $12,000 in child support and says he doesn't know how it happened. However he also says he just got his drivers license back due to delequent child support payments. Those two stories are condradictory. Was this for the same child or are they two different children (one he owes $12,000 for and another his license was revoked for)? What will happen is: if he is entitled to a Federal and/or State Income Tax refund after reporting his taxes in April 2010 for 2009 tax year, the IRS will retain the refund and apply that to any outstanding balances. He can also call and work out a payment plan. It's really not a large enough issue where he could be imprisoned for it, unless he is several years behind in payments. It just sounds like he is a year behind though. But don't take my word for it. In addition, he may owe $12,000 for several children since you said he has three kids. You have to look at that, too. I would have him stand in front of you and call the IRS and work out a plan to make sure his story is straight. Also, you can call the IRS yourself and find out if there have been any payments made on your child. If so, you could very well take him to court and sue him over unpaid monies. PS: I agree with Vegtable's answer below: RUN dammit!!! RUN!! lol

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    He got the letter from IRS because they are going to take his refunds for the next several years until he is paid up.

    There is NO way he didn't know how much child support he owed. His drivers license being taken away is a clue that he was very far behind.

    He can sit in jail being that far behind. My ex owed far less and sat in jail twice. Time for him to get a second job,man up and pay for his children. If you have children with him,you won't get support either.

    He is not only a deadbeat,he is a liar as well. You can do much better.

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    I am not judging him, but if he got in trouble for not paying, how come he didn't know he had to pay. Perhaps he did tell the truth. However, it sounds like he needs to show a long term track record of positive change before you can really trust him. Whatever didn't work out with him and the mother may not be great for you either, and a man who really loves you will want you to have a stable future. Don't marry his debt.

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    I would be bothered if my boyfriend was a deadbeat dad. If he won't support his own children, how do you think he is going to treat you?

    Yes, he got scads of notices. Even without notices, he has to know he is responsible for his children!

    This guy is a huge loser. Don't walk--RUN. Get away. Now.

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    He is going to end up in jail. He knew about the money he owed. Stay away from this loser, he will do the same thing to you.

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    He is not telling you the truth.

    How much to pay, and when he is supposed to pay is spelled out in his support order. There is no way he couldn't know.

    Ditch this loser, unless , of course, you think he looks sexy in an orange jumpsuit.

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    You should be concerned because he is not only lying, he is a dead beat Dad and irresponsible. Guys like him are a dime a dozen. I'm sure you wouldn't want to depend on him.

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    Red Flag... Why did he not pay the first time? Taking care of your children should be a first priority.

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    uh...if it got to the IRS< he's been involved for years.

    He's lied to you about that anyway.

    He lost his license for back support; and he didn't know?

    Dump this loser before he owes you for a kid as well.

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    Police can get a warrant for his arrest if he doesn't address the notices.

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